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I have a problem with my steelseries siberia neckband headset. It's about that PC can't read this headphones as Steelseries product but reads. SteelSeries is a leading manufacturer of gaming peripherals and accessories, including headsets, keyboards, mice, and mousepads. Every Arctis headset comes with our flagship audio drivers, a ClearCast mic, and extraordinary . Battery Pack — For Arctis Pro Wireless & Siberia Series.

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4 days ago Siberia is USB class compliant, or plug-and-play, so no additional drivers or software is needed to use Siberia with your PC. Aug 2, The Siberia Neckband features the same 50mm driver found on its bigger brother , and the oh-so-standard SteelSeries retractable microphone. SteelSeries Siberia Neckband - Around-the-neck fit, allowing simultaneous wear of hats or other garments Quality driver units, Volume control, Noise.

They're also rather comfortable, at least compared to other neckband headphones we've used. Though flatter than this more traditional option, the difference was pretty minimal, and we certainly would have no problems listening to music or games with the Siberia Neckband. Dubstep was equally enjoyable with the bass being deep and clear, but not overpowering. Bookmark How to buy and how safe is it? The information may be generic in nature, which covers the entire range of products that fall within this category, and might not apply to this specific model.

The Siberia Neckband kept the retractable microphone from the original Siberia and practically every SteelSeries headset after that. Unfortunately, in order to get audio you will have to be tethered to the Xbox. The Siberia Neckband shined in the gaming tests. In Battlefield3 and Team Fortress 2 footsteps were clearly audible and could even be heard through gunfire.

Its directional capability was decent for a stereo headset, but I had trouble locating enemies around me using sound alone. In Starcraft 2, the Siberia Neckband produced similar result, with all the sound being exceptionally clear and balanced.

The Siberia Neckband performed equally as well in the movies test as the gaming test. Crazy explosions in the action packed Mission Impossible 3 sounded rich with an incredible amount of depth. Subtle sounds such as rustling of clothes, brushing of leaves, and footsteps all sounded crisp and clear. Treble was clean and free of distortions as the Siberia Neckband reproduced sounds of glass breaking and metal creaking without a hitch.

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Bass was very deep after a bit of equalizer adjustments and sounded extremely clear even as my ears felt the oomph produced by the drivers. The Siberia Neckband produced a similarly pleasurable experience in the music test.

The drivers had no problems handling the high-pitched violin notes in a number of classical music. Dubstep was equally enjoyable with the bass being deep and clear, but not overpowering. The mids were also fairly decent as well. Similar to the Siberia v2, the Siberia Neckband is a very balanced headset so those who enjoy rock, classical, and vocals would find the headset best in its stock configuration.

The Siberia Neckband headset was perhaps the most uncomfortable headset I have ever tried.

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The noise insulation features on the Siberia Neckband is completely helpless with this issue, since the sound is sourced from the headset itself. The SteelSeries Siberia Neckband is one of the more unique products out there. The headset also tends to slide down onto your neck after a while of wear and is especially bad if you have long hair. The same goes for treble, no distortions whatsoever was detected even as violins shrieked the C. All the sounds ranging from footsteps to ambient were all clearly heard as I rocked through many rounds of Battlefield 3.

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Like I said earlier, the headset sounded extremely balanced as no one aspect overpowered another. Additionally, the SteelSeries standard retractable microphone is sufficient for VOIP chatting on programs such as Skype, just be aware that it picks up background noise like a magnet. Construction quality on the Siberia Neckband feels very good, better than the construction quality of even some higher end SteelSeries headsets. The cord is also long and flexible, but in order to get the inline volume control dongle, you must attach it to the 1.

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I guess this is OK for those looking to use this with an Xbox or something though. I think if SteelSeries can come out with a revision of the Siberia Neckband with improved comfort somehow, then I can totally see it being a hit product. Ever seen those guys walking around town with a Beats by Dr. Dre on and nothing plugged into it?

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