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interactive driving simulator, truck driving simulator, boat simulation. start with brand new drivers. Mark Baker – Driver Education Teacher, Provo High School. Driving School is the newest driving simulator that will teach you to drive many different cars. Driving School features some amazing environments. The training simulators will help driving efficiency and effectiveness. Educate through experience, without the catastrophic consequences of on-road distracted .

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SimuRide Driving Simulation Software specializes in Driver Education, helping beginners and commercial drivers, preparing them for written tests and teaching . Low-cost car driving simulator software for driver training, driver distraction, In addition, the research simulator is very well suited for science education in. The impossibility to reproduce certain situations which happens in real life makes the DRIVESIM simulator a reliable tool to prepare the driving school students.

Contact us for more information and a quotation email: Subscribe To Our Newsletter. Coast Guard grant. Measurement of behaviour on separate driving tasks: The simulators help students practice potentially dangerous driving complications, like rain or snow, in a controlled setting. Crossing busy intersections with traffic. Wuhan Huazhiyang Technology Co.

I like how I can change the driving conditions and see how the system reacts.

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For More Quotes. Virtual Hazard Detection. One Simple Decision. This is the difference between Virtual Driver and many other companies. Driving Essentials. VDI has been an outstanding partner to work with offering a virtual training product that truly engages kids. Boating Skills. The simulator embodies high-end technology featuring: Three screen computer system providing nearly degrees of scanning Boating console including wheel and Mercury Marine throttle with trim buttons, nav lights and horn The ability to change wind and current conditions, as well choosing day or night scenes Extremely accurate boat and water physics for subtle boat maneuvers For More Information.

Boating safety is the priority of the United States Power Squadrons. Offering this hands-on simulator will be a fun experience among new and experienced boaters alike. Send a message. Your name. Send message. Login now. Need more help? Save time by starting your support request online.

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Be the first to get latest updates and exclusive content straight to your email inbox. Yes, I want to receive updates. No Thanks! In other words: Real driving also requires the driver to look around because visual scanning is an important part of driving, but since most games use only one monitor, visual scanning is not a serious part of these so called driving simulator games.

I prefer to reserve the term driving simulator for serious game applications:. In driver training, it is important to practice a lot.

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Usually more than 40 or 50 hours of driving are required to become skilled enough for the first driving test. The extensive practice results in a level of task automation that results in better attention to unexpected situations and more efficient visual scanning.

All this results in safer driving. Learning to drive on public roads, is very important, although it has some disadvantages that result in less effective task automation. Driving simulators can be of great help here, because the training curriculum in the driver training car simulator is specifically aimed at fast skill aquisition and task automation.

As visual scanning is very important in driving, the system tracks where the trainee is looking at. This allows the virtual instructor and student assessment system to monitor and give feedback on:. Repetition of driving tasks, such as gear changing, lane changing, use of the indicator, approaching a junction, application of priority rules, negotiating roundabouts etc. This is where a driving simulator is particularly helpful. This is the main factor that makes driving safer.

Simulator driver education

A better skilled driver is more aware of hazards in the surroundings, looks further ahead, scans the surroundings of the car more frequently and checks the mirrors regularly. Situational awareness is of key importance for safer driving and in the driving simulator software.

The driving simulator software evaluates whether the driver has checked the mirrors, and looks to the left and right when approaching an intersection, or checks the shoulders when changing lanes.

Visual scanning is an important part of safe driving that must be integrated in the driving task and become second nature. Beginner drivers often lack the attentional resources to scan sufficiently which is one of the most important reasons why they fail their driving test.

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As drivers become more experienced, and the task requires fewer controlled and conscious attention because of task automation, more attention is allocated to visual scanning of the mirrors and the surroundings which results in safer driving. The driver training curriculum in the car simulator integrates visual scanning in the driver training from the start which is one of the reason why this type of training is so effective. Task automations and consistent evaluation and feedback on scanning and driving errors are things a car driving simulator is superior in, compared to the usual method of driver training in a learner car.

The driver training software runs on a PC and includes 15 databases highway, town, village, roundabouts, etc. In addition, there are 13 simulations in different databases where the student can drive freely through a database. All lessons are in binary script and not modifiable by the user. The software also includes the real-time rendering software, scenario- and traffic generation software and user interfacing.

Results and progress is stored for each student individually in excel spreadsheets and contains predefined driving errors for a large number of driving tasks. For example, it is checked whether the trainee checks the mirrors regularly, maintains a proper speed, given the local speed limits and road signs, adheres to the priority rules, uses the indicator properly, maintains a safe headway to the vehicle in front, and many more.

Verbal feedback is provided immediately by the Virtual Instructor, while results are stored in the Student Assessment System. The high quality driver training software gives your student the best driver training, for a very affordable price. The car simulator driver training curriculum consists of lessons that range from elementary vehicle control to complex traffic interactions and learning the rules of the road in a realistic setting.

Also safety awareness and hazard perception impaired driving and distracted driving are important aspects of the car simulator training curriculum. Information in Dutch rijsimulator can be found on a separate page.

The research driving simulator software extension has been developed with the help of experienced behavioural researchers to become the toolset of choice for creating behavioural experiments into car driving and human factors.

The extensive toolset consists of software. The research driving simulator is an excellent tool for human factors research to investigate driving-related scientific questions. In addition, the research simulator is very well suited for science education in schools and universities, to teach students how to prepare and perform behavioural experiments, and to analyze the data.

Drivers simulation training and assessment tool

Especially for science classes and the modern technasium, this science education software is really well suited to teach the skills involved in analysis, experimentation and critical and creative thinking. To mention a few examples of types of research the software can be used for:. Methods and techniques based on Virtual Reality are applied worldwide to treat fear effectively, for example hosophobia, fear of spiders, etc. The advantage of simulators, and virtual reality in general, consists of the opportunities it provides to practice in a safe environment while the stimuli that evoke the fear response are presented in a controlled way.

People are exposed to the fear-inducing stimuli, a technique also referred to as exposure therapy. This is probably the most effective technique from behavioural therapy to treat specific fears, such as driving phobia. Driving in a car simulator will initially be frightening for people with fear of driving, but after some time of driving, fear will typically reduce.