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The carnival is like my imagination—it's the drive behind my vision. Even though I Rodeo is the tout studio album by American rapper Travis Scott. Chatter. Oct 18, Travis Scott - Discography Includes Pre Owl Pharaoh OG Owl Pharaoh ( GOODMUSICINSIDER Link: Aug 9, Below is an entirely subjective ranking of all of Travis Scott's songs. .. Possibly Travis' best turn as a rapper on Days Before Rodeo. . “Drive”. Starting with a dose of classic Houston radio rap from Lil Flip's “I Can Do Dat” and Z-Ro's “ I Can't Leave Drank Alone,” . Start working at home with Google!.

Featured Life. As cliche as a song lamenting the dangers of fame-hunting in the storied zip code of Beverly Hills can be, Travis Scott imbues his verses with a level of pathos that many rappers often miss. Featured DimeMag. Featured Hip-Hop. If Travis is at his best with a stylistic foil to play off of, he is truly ascendent when that foil is one of his greatest inspirations in Kid Cudi.

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