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Control your tachograph data directly from the driver card to any violations. You can use the software, when you get the driver card data as a file. For this the. FREE DELIVERY TO UK ONLY! The new TachoTEK Digital Driver card solution supports drivers and smaller fleet transport companies throughout Europe in. Download the latest version of the software that connects your digifob, Opens digital tachograph Driver Card, Vehicle Unit and Workshop Card files and shows .

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Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for Tachotek Digital Tachograph Software With Driver Card Reader Easy to Use at the best online. Tachograph Analysis Software. Upload Driver Cards | Upload Vehicle Units | Analyse Analogue Charts. Tachomaster Client For Windows. Click to Download. Tachograph software Tachospeed is used for automatic reading of drive times, Timesheets and downloading data from digital tachographs and driver cards.

Information about each driver is automatically collected when their digital tachograph card is inserted into the card reader supplied. Toggle navigation. Czas pracy kierowcy. What does our Tachograph Analysis Software contain? This site uses cookies to provide the very best user experience.

The TachoTEK Digital Tachograph Driver Card solution also includes an overview function, which provides a summary of all drivers and vehicles within a transport operation, so fleet managers can see which vehicles were used by what drivers. Despite the robust capabilities offered by the new solution, the TachoTEK reader and stand alone software are designed to be quite simple to use, featuring a graphical interface that is logical and easy to understand.

Digital Tachograph Driver Card Software including card reader.

Tachotek Digital Tachograph Software With Driver Card Reader Easy to Use

Digivu Digital Tacho Download Device. Smartanalysis Login. View Customer Ratings. Now includes infringements for the last 28 days. Price Ex-VAT.

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Please Enter Quantity. Similar Products Other quality products you might like Read our privacy policy. Twitter LinkedIn. What is tachograph analysis software? Tachograph analysis software product comparisons Smartanalysis Soloplus — Digital tachograph download software SmartLicence — Driving licence checking Route. News Blog Subscribe to newsletter. About us Resellers Our clients.

Software tachograph driver card

Features Benefits Easy to download and store your digital tachograph driver card and vehicle unit data. Stay compliant with the requirements for having your tachograph data available.

Driver card software tachograph

Making it easy to see an overview and dive into the details when required. Reports and graphs.

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Turn the data stored into useful information for managing your transport operation. Prove your compliance with speed limits and driving for fuel efficiency. Colour coded download reminders for when your drivers and vehicles are due for download Never miss a download and stay compliant.

Driver software tachograph card

Print weekly and daily driver card summaries, export data to Excel or run reports from Soloplus. Making managing your compliance easier Fully supported. Free help and advice is available should you need it.

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Soloplus - Digital tachograph download software Soloplus kits Soloplus free trial download. Did you know? Over 50, driver records are downloaded to Smartanalysis every day.

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