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Wired Stereo Xbox Headset. Compatible with Xbox PC-Compatible Turtle Beach headsets with USB amplifiers/transmitters do not require separate USB drivers provided by Turtle Beach to. so I got the XL1's recently and for xbox they're amazing which is why I started to consider to try and use it for my PC but i'm not really sure as to.

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No, unfortunately not. The PC/PS3 compatible ones usually work by transmitting audio data via the USB connection. You'd likely be able to get. I'm interested in modifying my Earforce XL1 Turtle Beach XBOX Headset so that it can be used for gaming on the PC as well. Does anyone. I have a set of Turtle Beach XL1s. They're made for Xbox but can be used with a pc. I'm using a laptop (I know it's not ideal for gaming videos.

Really good. Help me use my Turtle beach xl1 mic and headset at the same time? Oct 6, This question appears to be off-topic because it is about connecting headphones to PC, not anything to do with gaming. Current visitors New profile posts Search profile posts Billboard Trophies. The chart clearly said I could use the adapter for the headset, when I really couldn't Search Advanced search….

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Mar 14, 6 0 4, 0. Here are some specs of my hardware: Vista I have 3 usb 2 slots available 3. DonnyTechMaster Honorable. Dec 29, 0 11, Well, if they are anything like mine all you have to do is connect it via USB and it they should be recognized if they were made to work with pc as well. Otherwise they just simply wont work. You must log in or register to reply here. Post thread. Works perfect.

I was thinking I could pull the audio from there then have my mic input and that it would work fine. I was wrong.

When I test my audio out it all picks up. The mic works. Sounds surprisingly great actually.

And the tv to headset audio idea works as well. Really good. But, whenever I playback my videos I record my audio gets really static and my voice sounds like I'm talking through a fan IF you can even hear it. I've seen those USB to aux adapters that have one channel specifically for a mic and another specially for a headset.

Driver turtle beach xl1

Can anyone explain what my problem is?? I'm not the biggest computer nerd there is but I understand that they work logically. And to me this just doesn't make any sense. I'm tired of putting off my videos over and over and I'm tired of putting more and more money out.

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Can anyone help me? Or do I just have to break down and buy the USB audio adapter?

Apr 6, 23, 39 , 11, It sounds like you are actually recording through the internal mic and not the external one. That will usually give you the problem you are having.

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It has to be both or input only to work with an external mic. Also, you should check in "Control Panel" and then "Sounds" to make sure that the mic you have plugged in is the default one. You must log in or register to reply here. Razer Mic is not working but picks up the Output.

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