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Online scan is now stopped, we ask kindly for your understanding. If you are to see what drivers you need, download Driver Easy for FREE and get the answer. Driver Navigator help you download and update drivers for Windows 10,7, 8, , & XP. Freeware Driver Update Download Device Doctor Updates Windows XP, Vista, & Windows 7 Drivers Automatically. Just click on 'Begin Scan' to detect your hardware; Device Doctor queries our User Support forums now online. 10/29/.

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Most of us can clock 80"“90 mph on a highway, but how many of us can handle a breakdown and change a car essential like an air filter? Some of us perhaps"¦. Starting software detection - allows to analyze the configuration and display the results without an Internet connection. We detect for you all of the hardware and software on your computer. with a module that you can install on machines that do not have an Internet connection.

The video chipset is a ATI or Nvidia? The DriverHub driver updater is really easy to use because it download and installs the drivers for you and has a whole section of the program dedicated to recovery should something go wrong. This means you can use something like an external hard drive to transport and install the downloaded drivers to any other computer. Safe and Easy to Use Unbelievably easy to use Simple and user-friendly interface Get drivers only from trust-worthy sources. All the drivers of the database are sorted by manufacturer, then by component. Maybe the product number?

Click on Start the Detection to bare the large green button which tells you to run the detection. The plug-in will analyze the PC system and generates the report summary. Click on the devices list on the left menu to get the finer details. You can redetect your system anytime with a click. If you now want to update your PC, the large green button marked with Download drivers compatible with this configuration , takes you down that path courtesy of TousLesDrivers.

As asides, you can share your configuration using a link or with an email.

And detect online driver

Or maybe take out a PDF report and mail it directly across. The PDF report comes in quite handy if you want to send it forth to a vendor or the support technician.

Ma-Config also has an offline mode whereby you can use the plug-in on a computer not connected to the internet, run the scan and save the results.

11 Free Driver Updater Tools (Updated April )

The results can then be analyzed on another computer with an internet connection. Ma-Config is a web tool and like all web based tools it prevents us from installing a bulky program.

The only minus is that some parts of the website are in French. Though, the English version makes everything as easy as tea and biscuits. Ma-Config is not the first tool we have reviewed to help us with our hardware. But it could be one of the simplest going around. But we would like your opinion on that.

11 Free Driver Updater Tools

Go over to Ma-Config and do let us know. Explore more about: Computer Maintenance , Drivers , Software Updater. Your email address will not be published. Its a great online tool that does two jobs at the same time but its installation is like impossible. What is the model of your Dell Laptop? Maybe the product number? The video chipset is a ATI or Nvidia? Could you post your config? Lead me to a french driver download website for my Dell laptop graphics card, then after downloading and running the exe, I got an error that this driver is not compatible with your system.

The next best option is to take the scan data and manually search for the right driver. Sometimes conflict arise because of slight variations in the packaging versions of the drivers.

Hi, FungusChris this problem is known: After that,the agent will analyze the configuration of your machine. At the end of this process,a web page will automatically open to display the results. You will have access to other services,including the research of compatible drivers.

Please note that once the agent is installed,you will not need to return to this page: The agent itself is signed by VeriSign and declared as safe by Kaspersky.

And detect online driver

We guarantee no malware. Detect my configuration Version: Safe and Easy to Use Unbelievably easy to use Simple and user-friendly interface Get drivers only from trust-worthy sources. Testimonials Deborah M. I have been spending all time and effort to find the solution for my sound card problem after installed Window 7. Driver Navigator auto found the drivers for Windows 7, now my sound card works perfectly again!

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Mike Morgan. Driver Navigator solved my dilemma and saved my money! I tried to play new game but find it sometimes come with a screen flashing and freeze… To buy a new one only for a game? Driver Navigator comes at the right time, which help me updated all hardware drivers to the latest, specially my old video driver.