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Buy Hot Wheels Turbo Driver Controller: Vehicle Playsets - ✓ FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases. The Turbo Driver™ is an online game controller that gives boys access to Race The World™, an exclusive racing game, and also works with. The Turbo Driver is an online computer game controller that gives players access to the Race The World computer game, as well as more than.

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Hot Wheels Turbo Driver Software is a free program designed for the online game controller that gives you access to Race The World. vJoy Device Driver. vJoy allows you to configure en external device as a virtual joystick. FREE. Hot Wheels Turbo Driver Software. It is a free program. Hot Wheels Turbo Driver Joystick comments. Choose the most popular vJoy allows you to configure en external device as a virtual joystick. FREE.

I also thought it would incorporate things like the car wash, garages, those gauntlet-like rubber thrusty things There's not much demand for skill, and therefore not much reward, so we'll stick with Mario Kart and World Driver Championship for the time being. The tracks are a mixture of traditional racing game fare-snow courses, deserts, etc. Turbo Racing PS - Review". Fans of the little cars will definitely dig that. Being somewhat nostalgic I also like the large selection of classic Hot Wheels.

Casamassina felt that the game looked outdated in comparison to other racing games of that time, and wrote that he preferred "the wide-open, go-anywhere racing environments and heavy car physics of the Rush series to Hot Wheels' seemingly weightless cars and sometimes confined 3D tracks. With that said, the title comes recommended as a good racer that's going to appeal to stunt-lovers and not simulation junkies.

Max Everingham of IGN praised the PlayStation version for its soundtrack and noted gameplay similarities to the San Francisco Rush games, which also incorporated high jumps and mid-air stunts; Everingham said that Hot Wheels Turbo Racing' s version of this concept was "fun, but it's also really easy.

The learning curve is short and the long-term play life is moderate. Taking cues from Beetle Adventure Racing , Hot Wheels is also packed with alternate courses and secrets. Here, it's still intriguing finding them all, but it doesn't feel as original or as compelling.

Driver hot wheels joystick turbo

Hot Wheels does a little of everything pretty well, but doesn't execute everything well enough to remain a standout game for more than a month.

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Electronic Arts. Nintendo 64 PlayStation. Single-player Multiplayer. Alex Skolnick. There is a grand total of 40 cars once they've all been opened up. As you might expect from an officially licensed game like this all the cars on offer are actual Mattel Hot Wheels die-cast vehicles - and what great names they have. Someone at Mattel must have had a serious phallic obsession to christen two of the cars Purple Passion and Street Rodder! The cars themselves don't handle too badly, but on the confined tracks this doesn't really make any difference.

Where it does matter is when you are flying through the air spinning through thousands of degrees, performing tricks a fighter pilot would have trouble stomaching. Tricks and turbos are what Hot Wheels is all about, which is a shame because this has to be one of the biggest mistakes in the game.

If there's one thing a car cannot do, it's tricks! Think about it - a car just cannot turn that many different ways, and it's not as if you can stick your arm out the window and do a nose grab!

Wheels turbo joystick hot driver

You're limited to flat spins, flips and barrel rolls, which all quickly become repetitive, but are unfortunately unavoidable. The reason is that to win turbos, you must do tricks. To make matters even worse, you cannot link tricks together and the trick detection itself is atrociously bad.

Picture the scene: Superb - you've been awarded a 'Stolen Air' and one turbo. Do the same trick again though, and it could be called anything from a 'Tribal Air' to a 'Spooky Air'. What this means is that you don't get the satisfaction that comes from a well-planned assault on the air - everything seems to be too random.

Hot Wheels Turbo Racing

The only tricks which are guaranteed to get the correct recognition are things such as front flips, but even these are occasionally ignored. As well as the usual Single Race and Tournament modes you get the Airtime Challenge, which is basically a variation standard Trick Attack. The idea is to go as mad as possible and pull off as many tricks and stunts as you can for points.

It's great to switch to the first- person in-car view for this mode and just go for as many flips and twists as possible in the air, but keep a bucket to hand.

Pull off four or more front flips to be awarded a 'Frontflip Fury'. Alas, getting high scores here doesn't do a thing in the game, but it's great for showing up your mates.

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Whatever you do though, don't go out and buy this game simply for the multiplayer experience because you will be severely disappointed. For some unexplainable reason EA has neglected to upgrade the two-player PlayStation version to four-player on the N Graphics have been improved slightly and the game runs at a fast enough rate, but surely it can't have been too difficult to make good use of the four controller ports.

After all, it's not as if the game is I too taxing! A nice idea for a game that is seriously let down by simplistic and repetitive gameplay. If you're trying to recapture your youth, go out and find some of the real toys - they're collectable now, you know! I imagined tracks and environments similar to the way we made 'em as kids--down the stairs, off the dresser, under chairs, etc.

I also thought it would incorporate things like the car wash, garages, those gauntlet-like rubber thrusty things The tracks are a mixture of traditional racing game fare-snow courses, deserts, etc. So, essentially it's most of the cool things from the old sets laid out in fantasy land. Beyond the so-so environments, I really like the game.

The racing is fast and smooth and has that gut-dropping, roller-coaster feel. You perform midair stunts for extra turbos. Once that's done, it's a thrust-a-thon to the finish line. The Al is tuned for tight races but unfortunately two-player races aren't as exciting. It'd be nice if computer cars raced along as well.

Hot Wheels Turbo Driver Controller Review

Being somewhat nostalgic I also like the large selection of classic Hot Wheels. Fans of the little cars will definitely dig that. In the end, it's no Beetle Adventure Racing but it does have a simple charm. Younger gamers will really like it. I cannot believe someone didn't do this earlier. I used to love playing with Hot Wheels cars when I was a youngin', and this game is the culmination of childhood dreams of racing the ultimate track, lust about the only thing missing from this game is a track editor can't have everything, I guess.

It stays true to the Hot Wheels license, with handfuls of shortcuts, plenty of cars to choose from, and a wide variety of tracks make this soooo much fun. This game's track designers must have been working overtime, because the levels are the best thing here.

Courses are crammed with corkscrews, loops, ramps, slopes--everything you'd include if you could build your own life-size Hot Wheels track. The actual gameplay, however, needs help. Although I like the stunt system, control's a bit flaky; it's too easy to turbo backward accidentally and you spend most of the race bashing into the track's sides. It's not the greatest racer ever, but it is strangely addictive thanks to the fact that it keeps the sense of competition alive throughout the races.

You can move between last and first place within the space of a lap meaning that the balance of power is continually shifting throughout each one-player race. It's a shame that this sense of urgency isn't apparent in the multiplayer games. I like the stunt system too. It's superfluous, but makes things fun. Quick--what company makes the most cars each year? Yup, it's Mattel, maker of Hot Wheels.

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Introduced in , Hot Wheels are collected by more than 15 million children lults, who purchase them at a rate of seven per second, days a year. It also includes many trademark Hot Wheels track elements, including loops, danger chargers and criss-cross intersections guaranteed to provide plenty of thrills and spills.

The game's main innovation is a stunt mechanic that allows players to earn extra turbos by performing mid-air spins, barrel rolls and end-over-end flips.

Blow the landing, however, and you could end up upside down Each of the game's 10 tracks is loaded with hidden shortcuts, power-ups, and bonus cars. You'll also find plenty of trademark Hot Wheels tracks--you know, those narrow, brightly colored track sections capable of being bent into seemingly impossible configurations or did you just use yours to whip the snot out of your little brother?

Like to listen to crankin' tunes while you drive? Most of the songs have a frenetic, surf guitar sound that suits the game perfectly.