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Download Driver Modem Huawei K for Windows XP/x64, Windows Vista/ x64, Windows 7/x64, Windows 8/x64, Windows 10/x64 from link. Download the latest drivers for your Vodafone Mobile Broadband Modem ( Huawei) to keep your Computer up-to-date. Download the latest drivers for your Huawei USB devices to keep your Huawei, Huawei Handset - Smartphone Wireless USB Modem · Download.

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We have already provided the unlocking of Vodafone K Huawei 4G LTE Stick, K Australian Huawei dongle, K Australian Huawei modem, R . I am trying to get the Vodafone Huawei Model K working under CentOS 7 There are three well-known sequences which bring the modem into three device (carrier: UNKNOWN, driver: 'option1, qmi_wwan', ifindex: 0). ga-Modem-K software and its the same old story with drivers re Mobile Partner dashes.

It would be great if you could keep us posted as to how you get on. So if the tool is reporting no device entries then there aren't any drivers on your system associated with the Huawei VID. Based on the functions of the high data rate, their price is no as cheap as common 3G USB dongles, their price range is around USD, more or less. Even though, HSPA technology is worthy talking about. Google [Bot] and 0 guests.

Visit our 'Where we are' map to see the countries where we have coverage. Teaser Image: Teaser Link: Where we are. Mobile Broadband Software for Windows Vodafone Mobile Broadband App for Windows.

How to Unlock Vodafone USB Stick K Huawei Dongle?

User Guide readme. Current connection - Name, type and signal strength of current connection Time and data - Length of time connected and amount of data transferred Shortcuts - App for SMS text messages, plus links to other apps, websites etc.

Account - Manage your Vodafone account Dependent on your mobile network operator and your account Help - Hints and tips on using the app Connect - Button to manually connect or disconnect Advanced - Further settings and options. Previous template Next. Hey guys, Has anyone got an alternative dash for the k?

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Its a so-called "mega" 4 band modem sold by Vodafone Australia. So if anyone has a confirmed working replacement they can point me to, that would be great. You can replace the vodafone software of K with the latest mobile partner V. Originally posted by Gordo View Post. Comment Post Cancel.

Modem k4511 driver huawei

Thanks Fakiro! All drivers and instructions are loaded into the device into your computer, so users do not need to insert the CD-ROM drive.

The entire installation takes a while and requires just a few click. After a while, we can enjoy the benefits of the Internet.

The setup program will bring up information on the signal level and standard network connection. From the application, we can also monitor the data transfer and send SMS messages.

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With the ability to connect an external antenna and use it as a portable storage, HUAWEI E is really a good partner for businessmen and tourist. It can auto connects in 5 seconds after plug in, no installation is needed.

If you are interested in this new model, welcome to check on www. Choosing the right USB modem for mobile internet is not easy. We need a little gadget that you insert into the USB port and configured to give us access to the mobile internet. According to official specification, we can achieve download speeds at up to 21 Mbps.

But under real environment, the speed may be only half or more.

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There is new software that improves the performance of the MF modem. If you just do not use a modem to connect to the Internet, we can always treat it as a normal flash drive, storing files. It is a pity that the cap is not somehow attached and can easily be lost. It certainly can be useful in areas with slightly weaker coverage. Users just need set aside a small cap and connect an external antenna sold separately. Modem Setup is basically maintenance-free.

When plugged in the USB port, it will automatically install the drivers and software for Internet Manager. And this happens almost instantly and you can see that both the hardware and software to work fine. User check speed Internet connection using specialized tools — SpeedTest. At the border of Downtown and Will in Warsaw, where we have tested the modem, we were able to achieve data transfer rates of 13 to 14 Mbps, and upstream from the network was about 3 to 4 Mbps.

This is a very good result. All services and web pages load quickly, even without an external antenna, the modem does not lose coverage.

It takes very little space and provides a stable access to the mobile Internet and a decent download speed and upload the data. Not to forget about the extra features, the built-in socket for connecting an external antenna and a slot for memory cards microSD. If you want to experience better, you can check them on 4gltemall. The device looks like most 3G modems, connected via USB — inconspicuous. The quality of plastics used is satisfactory, and easy slide of the back cover makes it very user-friendly.

The E also has CRC9 aerial socket from which you need to use if you want to work at high speed in difficult conditions. The design is minimalist, and we can choose the following colors available: Modem weighs only 26 g. Huawei E connects to the internet in just 15 seconds when connected to the computer.

The uploading takes place at a maximum speed of 5.

K4511 huawei driver modem

Both parameters are significantly better than the performance of broadband connections in Europe and Aisa. The Mac OS X is also supported.

The installation process is very easy. After placing the modem into the USB port, just wait until the auto installer application used to configure the connection. All drivers and instructions are loaded into the Huawei E into your computer so do not need to insert any disc. The entire installation process takes a while and requires just a few clicks and entering a PIN.

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Then we can freely enjoy the benefits of the Internet. We can also monitor the data transfer and send SMS messages. During the tests, the modem e has worked stable and did not notice problems such as breaking up or losing coverage. Rapid installation and trouble-free service will certainly appeal to all users.

The external antenna connector is a nice add-on that can be useful in difficult conditions. To choose the right USB modem, it depends not only on the speed and efficiency of the mobile internet. As a result, it will also depend on the experience of using a computer.