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Off-Road Drive is one of those games that really doesn't know what it wants to do. Messy racing, messy game. Metacritic Game Reviews, Off-Road Drive for PC, Off-Road Driveis the first game ever to deliver a true-to-life, off-road, extreme racing experience. Players will. Off-Road Drive, the off-road racing simulation for PC, is the first game ever to deliver a true-to-life, off-road, extreme racing All Reviews.

Published: 23.08.2011
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If you've ever felt like the DiRT series focussed too much on obscure capitals and not enough on muck, then Off Road Drive is the game for you. The goal of off road drive is simple: complete each lap as fast as possible. However, it's not as simple as most racing games where you have. Test Drive: Off-Road is an acceptable entry in the suddenly crowded field of off- road racing games.

Namespaces Article Talk. Accordingly, you'll poke along, often at speeds where progress is marked in mere inches, trying somehow to grapple up and over that slippery slope or extricate yourself from that ungodly deep and oh-so-sticky mud pit. Granted, the rock music featured in this game is not too special, but it isn't terrible either, and there are even some great songs to be heard here and there such as the main menu music. February PlayStation NA: About Richard Lane. An actual game that you race in the mud and dirt unlike most games that just take place in the in offload track. Share Embed.

Off-Road Drive review: The dirtiest simulator around

As well as the trickiness of using your winch to pull yourself out of a sticky situation, which is a lot harder to do than you'd think as you can snap it quite easily. You can also shift to a lower gear or even adjust the tire pressure allow yourself to move easier over rough surfaces and through water.

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The campaign in Off-Road Drive is fairly linear and as with other racing games you need to unlock all the later races by gaining points from the tracks you have unlocked. Sadly there isn't a free-roam portion of the game which would fit the game really well if you just had a randomly generated track to drive along.

Controller wise you may not be able to fully remember the button commands on a keyboard straight away, but you can share the controller layout with an Xbox wired gamepad, or a variety of steering wheels which include the Viper Pro and Logitech G Although the keyboard commands are in a few locations over the keyboard after a while you'll get the hang of it, and if you don't you can always consult the controls screen, or map them to something a little easier to remember, especially if you prefer WASD over arrow keys.

Off-Road definitely has the looks but really takes a little knowledge of hydraulics and large vehicles in order to let you fully enjoy the experience 1C have provided you with.

However with a few problems getting through some levels early on I really enjoyed the globules of mud and affect that the vehicles have on the environment, it's extremely satisfying.

Charlotte [Member] Looks pretty cool, not the normal simulator that I would play, but sounds very technical, shame there's no free roam, that would have been a killer! Form is loading Comment feed for this post. About Podcast News Previews Reviews. Off-Road Drive review: The dirtiest simulator around Posted by Catherine on the 25th of May Comment from: Charlotte [Member].

Looks pretty cool, not the normal simulator that I would play, but sounds very technical, shame there's no free roam, that would have been a killer! Catherine [Member]. This section can only be displayed by javascript enabled browsers.

Those who finish in first place receive points, with the number naturally decreasing the lower you get. As more points are harvested, more tournaments and vehicles become available. However, getting a good result in the tournaments and thus unlocking more content is easier said than done.

As mentioned before, Off-Road Drive is closer to a simulation game than an arcade-type racer. As a consequence, the main difficulty is not necessarily beating your opponents, but beating the track.

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While playing, you have to deal with vastly different types of terrain and obstacles, ranging from mud pits and swamps to fallen trees and steep rock formations.

Each obstacle or terrain type presents a certain problem, and proper action has to be taken in order to overcome it. For example, mud pits can be traversed more rapidly when there's less pressure on your tires or when you switch to a lower gear, all of which can be done by pressing the designated buttons on your keyboard.

Climbing steep hills and getting past tree logs, on the other hand, often requires the use of a winch.

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The winch on your car can be attached to nearby trees, allowing you to effectively pull yourself up a hill or over an obstacle that would have been untraversable otherwise. This may seem like a lot of hassle at first, as you'll have to attach the winch to a target and increase pressure while making sure not to break the cord, but once you've grown used to it, the winch becomes an indispensable attribute.

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This element of in-game car modification immediately presents my first major gripe with Off-Road Drive: At first, I was really excited to see that the game featured preset control schemes for not only the keyboard, but also the controller and even various steering wheels. When playing with the controller, however, I quickly found out that I frequently had to resort to the keyboard to enable some of the terrain-specific features.

Some of them, such as the operation of the winch, even required seemingly impossible button combinations between the controller and the keyboard. After some unsuccessful attempts to create a more logical control scheme by means of tweaking, I was forced to resort to the keyboard.

Now, the control scheme of the keyboard works just fine, but it still isn't ideal to have to use the arrow buttons when trying to maintain your equilibrium in a difficult set of turns. Fortunately, once you've managed to cope with the control issues, Off-Road Drive offers some of the most challenging and, dare I say, original races seen in video games over the past few years.

Each track is challenging in its own way, with tons of different obstacles and terrain types demanding the constant focus of the racer.

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There is no in-race track map, so often there's no telling on what you'll have to put up with during a race. The absence of a minimap does make it difficult to tell where you're going at times, though.

Off-Road Drive Review

Hint arrows occasionally provide this information, but they're not present at all times and they might even send you into the wrong direction on certain occasions. Consequently, some races may end up being more frustrating than challenging, but for the most part, the track design is very well done. Additionally, the race mechanics are great: Despite the ambition of the developers and the rather solid core gameplay, I do have the impression that Off-Road Drive had a lot more potential than what's offered in the final product.

Not only is there a lack of variation in race modes competing in tourneys is all you can do in single player , but the pair of available race types essentially consists of two variations of competitive time trial against a ghost opponent: There is a multiplayer mode, but I didn't get to explore it because there weren't any active servers to be found during the playing sessions for this review.

But even still, I would've loved to see some race modes focusing on elements such as exploration and navigation, because the game mechanics clearly scream for this type of gameplay. Here's hoping that more content will be added with DLC or expansions in the future. Let's just hope for the audience the log in the background isn't slippery.

On a more positive note, the presentation of this game really got me by surprise. Fortunately, Off-Road Drive is an exception to this rule.

Menus are slick and easy to navigate, the game is virtually bug-free and the soundtrack is actually bearable.

Off-Road Drive for PC Reviews - Metacritic

And if you've read my blog entry on horrid racing game soundtracks, you'll know the latter is quite an achievement. Granted, the rock music featured in this game is not too special, but it isn't terrible either, and there are even some great songs to be heard here and there such as the main menu music.

To top it off, the game looks good as well. The racing circuits are set in different places across the world, and with a good variation of lighting effects, vibrant colour schemes and terrain layouts, the atmosphere of each setting is most effectively captured. Only occasional pop-in in the distance and some sloppy textures mar the visual quality of this game.

Road review off drive

A beautiful sunset in an exotic location, and here I am stuck on a rock. With all things taken into consideration, Off-Road Drive is an ambitious racing game that easily does more things right than wrong. But at the same time, this title still feels a bit too much like proof-of-concept.