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J cole mixtape 2014 forest hill drive

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Forest Hills Drive is the third studio album by American rapper J. Cole. It was released on . David Jeffries of AllMusic said, " Forest Hills Drive comes off as a great, experimental, and advancing mixtape, but it's insider to a fault. Listen to Forest Hills Drive Samples Mix by Run P. for free. As comes to a close DJ, Run P., is back at it thanks to a top notch J. Cole - G.O.M.D. 4. The Making Of J. Cole's “No Role Modelz” With Phonix Beats . Forest Hills Drive [Album Art + Tracklist] Lyrics. K. Track Info. Produced by J. Cole. Written by Mix Engineer Juro "Mez" Davis. Recording Engineer.

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Stream J. Cole - Forest Hills Drive Slowed Down Mixtape by J. Cole Hosted by Jai SLOWED DOWN. Front Cover. Forest Hill Drive (chopped And Screwed); J. Cole; DJ MDW; 8, Stream. Download. Added: 01/28/ by DJMDW. Follow me on Twitter. So we ranked all his albums (including mixtapes) from worst to best. This wasn' t the same J. Cole from “Forest Hills Drive.” J. Cole In , Cole returned with his sophomore album, Born Sinner, and his growth as an artist.

Retrieved January 8, We hoped you enjoyed reading and listening to it! As of September , the album has sold one million copies in the United States. Retrieved December 18, Archived from the original on January 7, Add it all up and it amounts to J. Dreamville Records Roc Nation.

By Elliott Sharp December 10, Grammy-nominated rapper J.

In Time: J. Cole “ Forest Hills Drive”

Cole released his follow-up to 'Born Sinner' and you need to hear it. There are more than three good songs on North Carolina-born rapper J. Cole 's new album, ' Forest Hills Drive,' which was released on Tuesday. We picked the three best ones below, but don't overlook other solid tracks, like 'January 28th,' named after Cole's birthday, on which he raps about the anxieties of being famous specifically, the anxieties of being alive generally, and also manages to unanxiously call himself "God.

Cole raps about being a nervous virgin see: With the claps and the singing and the overall joyousness, it is also likely that Cole has been listening to Chance The Rapper quite a bit. At the end of the album, Cole thanks Chance's Social Experiment band; it sure sounds like them playing on some tracks, but we are not positive.

Cole forest j mixtape hill drive 2014

It is also very much an "I am going to do me now" project. There are no guests — it's all Mr. He also produces most of the 13 tracks himself. And it ends with a nearly minutes-long solipsistic slog that will likely have you reaching for the skip button.

But don't do it! Here are the three best songs on J. Cole's ' Forest Hills Drive. This first single captures the mission of ' Forest Hills Drive.

Atop an uplifting beat, Cole sings and raps about "keeping my head high," and how he's going to paint his canvas the way he wants to paint his canvas, so don't tell him how to paint his canvas. He also mixes in some autobiographical details, namely about how pursuing his artistic goals is a sometimes selfish pursuit that has caused him to neglect his loved ones. But he has a dream and he must go for it. So don't get in his way!

Every J. Cole Album Ranked (Including Mixtapes) | Thirstkey 🔑

Cole also refers to his junk as a trombone, which is unusual. Now that he had it, he was starting to see the darker side of being rich and famous. Truly Yours is like the greatest hits edition of J.

On April 20th, J. Cole dropped KOD , the most important hip-hop album of Lucky for us, the album is just as lit as the blunts Cole tells us not to smoke lol.

Yeah, it made the goat a believer too. Think of The Warm Up as J.

Drive hill 2014 forest j mixtape cole

Cole was really just hopping on classic beats and going off. Completely showcasing his lyrical ability, and storytelling. Today is a good day for you to listen to it.

Cole channeled his inner Tupac with Friday Night Lights. This time, Cole wanted to showcase his emotional depth over a collection of soulful, melancholy beats.

Both of these are raw, unfiltered, and carry a sense of empathy easy for the listener to connect with. Overall, an exceptional piece of work from Cole that has aged extremely well. Well, Forest Hills Drive is J.

Forest Hills Drive - Wikipedia

This is the album that launched Cole into rap superstardom, and solidified his position as one of the leaders of the new school. Oh yeah, it also went double platinum without any features.

Without help from any of his peers. Without any radio singles. Cole proved that if you did right by your fanbase, they would do right by you. Cole brought everything to the table and delivered his best body of work to date.

3 Best Songs on J Cole's ' Forest Hills Drive'

Add it all up and it amounts to J. Full stop.

Forest 2014 cole drive mixtape j hill

We hoped you enjoyed reading and listening to it! We want to end with a video from Justin Hunte aka thecompanyman about J.

Top 3 Best Songs on J. Cole's ' Forest Hills Drive'

Check it out, and let us know your thoughts. Thirstkey J. We Appreciate U!

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