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However the AG-MBX10 box (USB) can directly be connected to the Mac for file transfer purpose. AU-XPD3 Thunderbolt Driver, ver AJ-PCD20 b . ] This P2 driver supports USB connection with the AJ-PX camera recorder. (As of Dec. 14, ) • The microP2 Card (64GB) or SD. Driver update: P2 driver for Mac OS (Snow Leopard) IEEEb driver for AJ-PCD20 series - PCI Express (PCIe) driver for AJ-PCD35 series - P2 card Panasonic recommends the "P2 Status logger", update with ease and no more.

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Download the latest Panasonic Card Reader AJ-PCD20 device drivers (Official and Certified). Panasonic Card Reader AJ-PCD20 drivers updated daily. Panasonic AJ-PCD20E - Discontinued P2 card driver software is also available for both Mac OS X and Windows XP/ Five P2 card Slots The AJ-PCD20's. One such painful hurdle is the Panasonic P2 drivers. Both rooms have an AJ- PCD20 P2 card reader. We've downloaded and installed the Lion.

Panasonic Hardware Type: Posting Permissions. I think windows has an option that may allow it. We've downloaded and installed the Lion drivers and firmware off of the Panasonic site and the cards mount just fine on the desktop of each machine, but the P2 Formatter software doesn't see any of the cards. You can however, run Snow Leopard from a clone.

Thanks, Kyle.

Driver mac aj-pcd20 panasonic

Hi OversteerProductions, I havn't personally used one of these but I work on macs. What type of mac have you got it connected to and how. I have a feeling that it may be related to Snow Leopard compatiability only and may be fine with an earlier version of Leapard.

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How are you reading the card? With the camera or Duel Adapter or? It's a business first and a creative outlet second.

P2 Formatter Software

Stop buying gear that doesn't make you money. I noticed the same thing until I installed the software. Thank you for your responses. I am connecting to the imac via USB 2.

P2 Formatter and OSX Lion : Panasonic Cameras

I am able to mount, see the card in P2CMS and transfer the card just fine. The problem I am having is using the Formatter software that comes with the P2CMS to delete the cards and send them back out in the field. I don't know where my company got the card reader from but when they gave it to me I didn't get anything with it. Thanks again.

(Windows) P2 Driver software

I think windows has an option that may allow it. Both card readers are connected via firewire directly into the FW port on the MacPro.

Anything we should be aware of? Report Post.

P2 Formatter and OSX Lion

Problem is more likely with the utility from Panasonic not having been fully updated for Lion yet. Noah Call Box Training.

Hey there Noah! That's the frustrating part, we have the newest Panny drivers that are listed as "Lion" drivers https: And no go on the formatting app Are you using USB2 or b?

Mac panasonic aj-pcd20 driver

On both Mac OS X But it works fine when I have it connected via b.