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Please note that not all of our headsets require drivers to be installed, so if your The sleek Surround Dongle and user-friendly PC software perfectly optimize. The PC D surround sound gaming headset doesn't just look great, it's built to last too. Only top Download latest driver for WIN XP, Vista, 7, 8 · Download. Our headset software for PC ensures that your Sennheiser office headsets work . devices seamlessly with a range of softphones via the embedded drivers.

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I have a Sennheiser PCD, amazing headset except for one thing. The USB dongle that comes with it, the thing that makes it surround. Apparently the problem was the driver that came with the headset. en-de. 3D G4ME1 Driver for Win ONLY (9,2 MB). PC # FS_PC__pdf ( KB) · ( KB). PC D #

Feb 26, Beresheet spacecraft Everything you need to know about Israel's first private moon mission. Siddaramaiah of Congress says he wants to quit electoral politics. Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. I dug around on Sennheiser's website and found a driver for the DAC, which puts an icon in the system tray.

333d sennheiser driver pc

Post 1 of 5. Sep 20, I recently picked up a Sennheiser PC D. Based on my previous experience with an HD which supposedly uses the same drivers as the PC D , the amp does much to help the sound.

Sennheiser pc D driver

I dug around on Sennheiser's website and found a driver for the DAC, which puts an icon in the system tray. It doesn't do much; it just enables a selection of 2 CH, 4 CH, 5.

I've tried enabling each option, but can't really tell much difference. I also tried downloading some Dolby Headphone test videos, but am hard pressed to tell the difference in stereo, quadrophonic or surround modes.

Enabling Dolby Headphone for Sennheiser PC D | Headphone Reviews and Discussion -

I also tried playing Skyrim with the 5. However, there's nowhere in the game to set surround sound, though it supposedly supports surround sound. Where's my Dolby Headphone option? Or have I already successfully enabled a gimmick?

Don't get me wrong. They sound very nice. I'll be very honest here—judging squarely by its looks, one would assume the Sennheiser PC D to be priced around the Rs 5, mark. This is largely due to its chronically plasticky look and feel. The material employed isn't exactly cheap, but it sure as hell doesn't seem remotely as luxurious or high-quality as one would expect of a headset priced at nearly quarter of a lakh.

One doesn't really expect to see hard, shiny plastics with discernible seams, visible screws and large component gaps in this stratum of the product hierarchy. The headband adjustment assembly is strangely comprised of plastic, when this is a component that's usually fashioned out of metal for durability in decent headphones.

One would therefore assume that Sennheiser may have opted for a metal-free design, but that isn't true because the metal insert on the back of the ear cups happen to be "lazer cut" [sic] from aluminium. This design element seems purely cosmetic, because the largely plastic driver enclosure isn't entirely made from metal to affect the acoustic signature.

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It is obvious then that the designers haven't got their priorities in order when it comes to durability and aesthetics. The worst part is that this headset doesn't exactly look beautiful or expensive either.

Driver sennheiser pc 333d

The PC D adopts a standard design with a gimbal mount that pivots along the horizontal and vertical axes to allow the headset to conform and fit snugly around your head. Once again, this is a design that's employed by your average, mid-end gaming headsets and underscores a lack of initiative on Sennheiser's part to infuse any iota of design excellence in its flagship gaming headset. Having said that, the PC D is nevertheless quite comfortable.

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That's largely down to the acres of velour lining the headband and the large circumaural ear cups. The soft fabric, when combined with the vented enclosures, means that you'll be able to game for hours without having to worry about sweat and discomfort.

While the vented ear cups help timbre accuracy, that also allows a lot of noise filter in and leak out of the headset. This isn't the ideal headset you can lug around to LAN parties then. This is especially true considering the fact that its 2 m braided cable isn't detachable either. What I like about the headset is its high-quality microphone bearing a nifty adjustable boom that mutes it with an audible click when you swivel it out of the way.

Sennheiser PC D Surround Sound Gaming Headset Review- Tech Reviews, Firstpost

The directional mic does a great job of cancelling ambient noise and sports exceptional clarity. The silk-smooth volume adjustment jog dial on the right ear cup is a rather intuitive and ergonomic alternative to inline volume control option. This way, you don't have to fumble in the dark to locate the inline controls, each time you have to adjust the volume. It's always easier and faster to just reach for your ear secret agent style and set the volume levels to your preference.

Don't get too chuffed because we aren't talking about eight discrete channels, but a sort of software-interpolation that only creates an illusion of surround sound. Do you perhaps have Win 7 drivers downloaded to share with me? Here drive. Sign up or log in Sign up using Google.

Sennheiser PC D Surround Sound Gaming Headset Review

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