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TS | TwinCAT Virtual Serial COM Driver. TwinCAT Virtual Serial COM Driver allows the EL60xx EtherCAT Terminals or EP EtherCAT Box modules to. The TwinCAT-Virtual-Serial-COM-Driver creates serial ports ("COMx") for one or multiple E-Bus terminals EL under Windows CE or Windows XP. With the. In case of the TwinCAT-Virtual-Serial-COM-Driver this communication is implemented using. ADS and EtherCAT protocol. When the driver is.

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Basic Principles. The TwinCAT Supplement Virtual Serial COM Driver in combination with a serial EL (RS) or EL (RS/RS) interface. For EL60xx terminals with checked "Virtual Com Port" check box TwinCAT creates Note, that the TwinCAT-Virtual-Serial-COM-Driver has to be installed on this. The standard version, as supplied, of the Beckhoff serial bus terminal is up to 64 data bytes are transferred at once between the PLC and the interface driver. A virtual serial COM port (COM1, , COM) which is available in Windows is.

The standard version, as supplied, of the Beckhoff serial bus terminal is operated in 3-byte mode. The product is devoloped for applications with one virtual COM port per target system. Not all possible combinations of parity, data bit count and stop bit count are valid. Development environment. With enabled "Transfer Rate Optimization" the bus terminal first collects enough data to fill the available space in the process image before it is sent to the TcIo driver.

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