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Please visit the ASUS USA and ASUS Canada websites for information about locally available products. All specifications are subject to change without notice. Download the latest drivers for your Asus N46VM to keep your Computer up-to- date. Download the latest drivers for your Asus N46 to keep your Computer up-to-date.

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Downnload Asus N46VM laptop drivers or install DriverPack Solution software for driver update. Just browse the drivers categories below and find the right driver to update ASUS N46VM Notebook hardware. We adding new asus drivers to our database. Download Asus N46VM Notebook Windows 7 64bit Driver, Utility and User Manual.

You can also use this gesture to switch between active windows on your desktop. Select a Bluetooth-enabled device from the list and click Next. Eastern European countries and their territories. I have returned to Windows 7 via the recovery and two days in, not one lock up. That is, if you update ATK you must restart Windows.

We adapted a free open source download manager. Download and run the DriversFree drivers packages downloader, in minutes, you will have all the drivers for the laptop from the official web site. Dear DriversFree. Thanks for your feedback and suggestions. You can leave comments using the form below. Your opinion is very important for us! HTML code is not allowed. Welcome to DriversFree. Could you please tell me how I can find out which bluetooth driver to download?

You can follow the same methods explained here: Why the hell ASUS was not able to do this? You saved my day! Thanks so much for the post — this was the only place where I was able to get an answer on the many Windows 10 issues I was having. Thanks mate for your helpful information. Tried every driver I could find but still no luck.

Do you know how to fix this? I found some information here , they disabled the Series driver. Excellent post! My Zenbook ux32vd is up to date and working beautifully after installing these drivers. Kudos to you my friend.

[Solved] Fn Keys on My ASUS Laptop Not Working - Driver Easy

I am using Asus N56VM, everything was working until upgraded to Windows 10 build and now build Thanks to you, my laptop lives again.

Hi man…great work…really amazing!!! I have already installed ATK drivers and correct Wlan drivers…but nothing still works properly… Any solutions??? Thank you in advance. Maybe one of those solves your issue. Mirco, as a last resort, you could try calling ASUS support. Write back their answer helpful or not in case other users face your same issue.

Somebody else has a problem since win10 is updating with the battery? Thanks in advance. I almost returned back my brand new Zenbook… I registered my product in asus site, and they show out of date drivers.

Asus win7 driver n46v

You saved my mental sanity, Thank you!! I really appreciate your work Ivan, so much helpful. Thanks man! Tried to fix my bluetooth Aukey headset with the newer drivers on win10 notebook but still cant recognize them. Andrea, you could try the Intel Driver Update Utility. Thank you for reply. I think that it is not a matter of drivers bcs I had the same troubles with my previous network card qualcomm atheros.

Anyway thanks to you now with new ATK drivers backlight keyboard finally works! I shared this site on a win10 forum hope will be helpful to someone else.

USB Charger Plus 2. If the latest version did not work for you, you could try that driver. I wonder if you have the latest bios for Asus N56VZ for windows I upgraded from Windows 7 SP1 to Windows 10 and most things work. Also, there has been some issues where a specific program hangs.

I suspect bios but could not find any update for N56VZ at the Asus Support page and I did not wish to flash a windows 8. Download and install the Intel Graphics Driver V My problem is I must remove old software to install new smart gestures. I only see Synaptics software for the touchpad. Is that what I must remove? If I remove Synaptics app and find smart gestures does not work, how do I find a copy of the Synaptics to go back to.

My problem is I lost my scroll function when I went from Win 7 to Win Al, yes, you must remove the old Synaptics driver. If you then want to install it again, here you can download Synaptics drivers. Thanks for the advice Ivan. When I tried to uninstall Synaptics drivers from win 10, I received an error message that one of the files could not be found and therefor did not perform the uninstall. I know the drivers can be uninstalled manually but it is beyond my technical knowledge.

Is there a place where step by step directions can be found? Here you can find some answers on how to remove it: Thanks a lot man. Even with driver booster app. But after I saw your explanation here, glory! Hi there, After upgrade to Windows 10, my laptop when return from sleep mode display turned on in 10 seconds, in windows 8. I have latest drivers.

Any solution please? If I disable nvidia graphics card return time is ok. Sound is on in 2 second in win 8 and Install the Instant On utility listed on the Other drivers section. The latest download link is for Windows 8, but it works fine on Windows Does it really work? Or just not break? I see no difference when on toggling it on or off and wake up from sleep takes a lot longer than on win8.

And have turn on display delay about 10 seconds when it returns from sleep. I have latest drivers installed. Anyone have this issues. How fix it? I have a question. Frustrating one. I have Win10 and m GPU. More info here. Eddy, try this: Reboot notebook. Reinstall chipset drivers. Turn on GPU. Install drivers from C: However I had this trouble only when GPU driver installed before chipset or after update.

Your site is excellent! Thank you Ivan! Thank you, it would be possible also to include drivers for Intel graphics cards? Very thankful. Thanks for your efforts with this site! Regarding this Intel Utility: The driver however is one from windows 8. Asus does not provide a graphics driver update for my laptop and their support staff tell me I should just go back to Windows 8!

Any thoughts or tips on solving this? I would like to force the install of the latest generic driver just to see if it improves the situation. Download the latest driver, uninstall the current driver and install the new downloaded driver.

Hope that fixs your problem. Happy hollidays man! Do you have any other suggestions? Stef, as I mention in the post, drivers included in the list are for Notebooks or Laptops. Try to use the Windows 8. Thanks for your quick response. I installed the Windows 8. Thanks again and Merry Christmas to you!

Great site Ivan all I need is for you to do the same for my Samsung series 4 laptop as Samsung have washed their hands of any windows 10 upgrades and the have stopped making laptops heh.

Ivan, thanks a lot for the ATK package v. The touch screen freezes and it stops to work. I uninstalled the v. Now I install the v. I hope that issue is fixed. You have links above for Windows 8. John, I just found all the latest Card Reader drivers and updated the post. Check it since there is a newer Realtek driver. Happy New Year! I used to control the performance speed with this. I have tried uninstalling Windows driver and updating in device manager but no luck.

Any help would be much appreciated. Best Regards, Mick. Thanks for your help in creating this website with all the drivers! I have the following driver versions: Bluetooth Driver — Intel When I downloaded the specific drivers for Bluetooth and Wireless LAN that you have listed, and double clicked the setup.

Asif, try the Intel Driver Update Utility included in the post. It depends on which wireless module you have installed, for ex. I have an Intel ac, almost new, but installing latest bluetooth drivers they dont work and icon disappear. The list continues to grow. Happy new year! Any idea why when I close the lid and reopen, it restarts Not hibernate or sleep?

Mark, that seems a Windows issue, check the settings again. Also, try installing Instant On use the link for Windows 8. InstantOn did not solve it. Its strange cause every time I open the lid after manually restarting, hibernating, closing the lid with any advanced power setting…anything I get the ASUS boot splash screen and then it will cut to the Windows10 lockscreen.

Why does it show the ASUS screen? Do you think the drivers changed a Windows Setting? Any idea what driver may have caused this so I can start rolling them back on-by-one? Thanks for all the help Ivan, the site has made it super simple to go to W10 save for this one frustrating hangup. Hey Mark, I am having the same issue as well when I close the lid. Tried reinstalling Windows even. Still the issue persists. Anyone please help. This issue is making me go insane. Ivan, Thanks a lot for the drivers: Everything works, except the Splendid video technology.

Could not find ICM file, installer will be cancelled. Please help. The sleep issue is gone. Now Hibernate and Sleep are working fine. But the black screen upon restarting still exists looks like a windows 10 and driver issue I guess. Hope this will solve your issue as well. Mark, I was having that issue too..

Sleep feature work like it must do.. Even after upgrading again my BIOS to the sleep feature just working well.. I hope this can fix your problem too. I just updated my Windows this morning. This is really frustrating because I do game and having the touchpad on really messes with me. I am trying the update which was released today to see if this helps any. Does anyone know if I must do this after every update?

Will these drivers work with any Asus laptop? It would also take long to boot into. I chatted with ASUS on line and they said it sounded like a hardware issue, but it was working fine in Windows 7. They repeated that they felt 10 was not supported as they would have updated the drivers. I had checked the memory with windows memory diagnostics before the clean install and it was clean and the Sea Tools program said my drive was in good health and chkdsk did not find any issues.

I have returned to Windows 7 via the recovery and two days in, not one lock up. I wonder if an update to Win 10 NOW will keep all the needed drivers. I have not tried doing the PC and afraid to after what I went through with the notebook. Mark, I looked at the support page for K72JK and many of the drivers are listed in the post. I had to go back to Win 7 on an old notebook since one driver was causing Windows 10 to freeze. Updated to latest drivers, changed to SSD and laptop work great… but it freeze constantly also it happened with the HDD.

Manual Asus N46V | Usb | Personal Computers

I know that is not due to drivers. It is some service activated randomly mostly when a mouse is connected via USB.

Try to deactivate all non windows drivers and restart. It last almost one month without issues but sometimes happens again. Then start in troubleshoot mode and mswindows, deactivate services and reactivate again. Ivan and Tom, this may help others with this model. I installed all the drivers, the ATK package seems to connect allot of dots that I did not have the first time. However, it still locked up after the first reboot.

Doing some searching I noticed an unrelated post about how Bios can get corrupted over time. I started to wonder about the bios. It was the only thing not changed even with a clean drive and as Tom stated, he had a new SSD and it failed.

I put it on an USB stick and rebooted into the bios. It has been 5 days now. I am not shouting, I am cheering! I have done dozens of reboots, wake from sleep, wake from hibernation, cold starts. All going into Windows 10 as it should.

N46v driver win7 asus

I have been checking error event logs and nothing critical. There are errors but not one hard drive error like it told me the first time I started the process. Hi and Big Thanks for the Asus Drivers. Can you just put a date when a certain driver is released? I just updated the post with all the Release Dates for each driver. They are shown as tooltips when you place the mouse pointer on a driver. Thank you, Ivan. The driver installed successfully, and I confirmed that it replaced the default drivers that were provided by Microsoft.

Do you know this problem? Chauveau, I found one mention of that error message and the solution was to install an older driver: You can use the same procedure.

Qualcomm Atheros drivers fixed a problem that started when I upgraded to Windows 8 and continued through Windows 8. I spent hours sorting out the freezing problem that was fixed after I disabled my Qualcomm Atheros Gigabit adaptor. I just installed the drivers from your link and the install re-enabled the Qualcomm Atheros Gigabit adaptor. My Notebook is working perfectly with Ethernet attached. You have done an amazing job pulling all this info together.

Many thx. Thank you so much! I first lost my asus smart gesture when I upgraded from windows 8 to windows 10 not really an upgrade your suggestion worked perfectly. Anyway, your drivers worked again, and so the touchpad feature is working once again. Is this option or something similar still available in Windows 10? With the ATK Package you can control that with your hot-keys. Thank you Ivan for your great work! Norti, I just added a Changelog. I hope recurring users find it useful.

Thanks for the feedback! Many thanks; this collection has been a fantastic time saver! If I may add a little info I stumbled upon by coincidence: However, the version number does not correspond to Smart Gesture since the application has less features than the latest one.

In addition, Mobile Control tab shows an older Server Version 1. Asus NJK. I was wondering if you knew any ways as to how to resolve this issue? Nelson, did you find a solution to this issue? I have the exact same issue on my Asus NXJ. Everything else is working fine. Hey Pieter! Any idea on what else I should try?

Stuart, update all drivers and also the BIOS.

There are lots of replies about your issue here. Alex, I re-added the links in the Graphics section. You need to know which Intel chipset you have before downloading. Asus Power4Gear Hybrid version 3. Also, there were fixes in the middle that you will loose. I looked for previous driver and it works fine but the latest one has problems.

I have a recommendation for the site: Seems like is a common problem in all the Asus, mine is N53sm. Thanks for the updates Ivan! Carlos, check my previous reply. That is, if you update ATK you must restart Windows. I reinstall ATK restarting the computer after, if I install charger plus v2.

Great job this web! Incredible job man! I was stuck on my TLA with the 2 fingers scrolling not working and I install the version for win 8. It worked great! You also gathered all the lastest asus drivers in one place. Can you help? Thank you so much for this website. I reinstalled the SmartGesture tool, and I really appreciate the extra files added to fix known problems with the build. I just had to thank you, it simply works now!

Use the Intel utility from the post. Since Windows 10 upgrade the sleeping mode do not work anymore. I just installed a new Windows 10 ISO from scratch but nothing better. Is Power4Gear Win10 compatible? Fred, check the previous comments. Do you know how to do? I installed Windows 10 from an ISO. Then, I installed the Asus drivers downloaded from this nice blog.

I solve the last unknown device detected by Windows device manager: Intel Smart Connect Technology. I also tried v2. Did I do something wrong? I have Intel HD Graphics , driver: Intel driver update utility says latest driver installed but Intel site says driver: I believe this is the same Intel setup as you have, so wondering which driver you have installed.

Thank you! Nevertheless, as I mention in the post, you could try to install the drivers from Intel site but WU might override them here is how to stop that. For your issue, there is a Microsoft fix here. I saw the Microsoft fix option 1-regedit on another site and was a little reluctant but feel a little better about it now.

Do you think by upgrading it may improve? You must update your ATK Package driver to v1. Thank you so much for the drivers! I really appreciate. What could be the cause of this? Again, check the previous comments. It still has the win7 drivers listed on the Asus support website and they are much older than those listed by you.

By the way, you are a genius for providing this site, and I agree with everyone else — why cannot ASUS simplify the support pages! Julian, you can use many drivers from the post according to the P52F support page.

Just check which vendor do you have before installing. Thank you very much for the this page. Please keep updating the page. I need a Bluetooth driver for my XL.

Win7 n46v driver asus

Great site, Thanks. Check the Device manager right-clic on Windows start menu icon. Then, go to the Bluetooth section and double clic the entry. There you can check the vendor. My problem is that nothing shows up in Device Manager.

So I figured I needed a driver of some sort, but how do I determine which one to download? I tried everything and nothing seems to fix the problem. I updated everything, tried clean install, etc… but the performance of the system is slow with lag and memory leaks! I use only drivers from Windows Update, with the exception of these 3: Other questions: It is needed for powermanagement to work. But when I do, the installed version shows Thanks for pointing that out, indeed the installer inside shows version Nevertheless, I found that the driver So, I updated the link back to the latest Windows says it is well fully charged with the full icon on right corner, but clicking on it I can read: It sounds like Windows is not able to use it again.

I tried to uninstall the battery APCI compliant drivers and reinstall but nothing changed. Can somebody help on this matter? Yeah, I have the same problem Win10, UX Read this FAQ. Ivan ho trovato il tuo sito molto chiaro utile, ed interessante, per scaricare download driver od aggiornamenti, nel casoi di installazione-reinstallazione.

Cordilamente, Dr. Prof Adamas Igma. I need to install a camera driver since mine somehow was deleted. The problem is I cannot obtain the PID number since the driver is already deleted. How do I check my chipset vendor? Can you tell me which Intel driver should I install please. The codename for your Intel processor is Haswell. You could use the Intel utility.

I have used the Skylake chipset update before I read your message and my problem has been solved. Could the Skylake drivers work properly in my computer?

Wow what a fantastic website! You sir are one awesome dude, cheers! Thank you very much! I love websites that are truly up to date I found everything I wanted here. I have problem with backlit keyboard, asus says it illuminate with base on ambient light sensor, but no luck to illuminate the keyboard so will the latest v 1. That is, the program runs but never finds updates. Thanks for the swift reply. After doing some research I found the same answers.

How disappointing. Asus still rules though! When I put my notebook to sleep while headphones are plugged, if I unplug headphones and wake it up I have no sound coming from the speakers.

Asus win7 driver n46v

I have to plug my headphones again and unplug them to get sound back from the speakers. Does anyone else have this problem?

Using latest Conexant driver. To prevent reinstallation of Conexant driver from Windows Update hide it using the supplied tool wushowhide. Newer versions out: The links on this site for these three go to an outdated Asus download mirror however… any way to redirect to the direct Intel link? I have an Asus VivoTab Note 8 tablet.

Do most of these drivers apply to that? Yes, most of the drivers will work for you. There are some tablet related drivers that you need to download from the support page for your model. Thank you for your amazing work. Then, after couple of seconds it responds and if I try again the same problem appears. You should only install the drivers for the hardware that you have.

Check the Device Manager to see what you need to install. Maybe the heat management now will allow me to keep the laptop closed when gaming. Nice site, really appreciate your efforts to help supply ASUS drivers for Windows 10, this was a big help.

I downloaded Dells driver package for this, which worked perfectly: I love this website. I am finally able to update my Zenbook without spending hours looking for the latest drivers. Where I can get a driver for USB3? After installing Win 10, it does not work!

Any suggestions? Doing so may damage the AC-DC adapter. That means that you may connect the power cord to any VV as well as VV outlets without setting switches or using power converters. Most hotels will provide universal outlets to support different power cords as well as voltages. Different countries may require that an adapter be used to connect the provided US-standard AC power cord to a different standard. It is always best to ask an experienced traveler about AC outlet voltages when bringing power adapters to another country.

ASUS N46VM Notebook Windows 7 64bit Drivers, Applications, Manuals | Notebook Drivers

Unplug the power adapter or switch off the AC outlet to minimize the power consumption when the Notebook PC is not in use. This Notebook PC may come with either a two or three-prong plug depending on territory. If there is smoke. If a three-prong plug is provided. Seek servicing if you suspect a faulty AC-DC adapter. A fully charged pack will provide several hours of battery life. To install the battery pack: The battery pack consists of a set of battery cells housed together.

Additional battery packs are optional and can be purchased separately through a Notebook PC retailer. If your Notebook PC does not have its battery pack installed. For safety reasons. To remove the battery pack: Only use battery packs and power adapters supplied with this Notebook PC or specifically approved by the manufacturer or retailer for use with this model or else damage may occur to the Notebook PC.

But in any case. Any temperatures above or below this range will shorten the life of the battery. Because batteries also have a shelf life.

Asus Drivers Download

If there is any abnormal operation or damage to the battery pack caused by impact. To protect the hard disk drive. Before bootup. If necessary. If the POST discovers a difference between the record and the existing hardware. When the test is finished. This indicates that the hard disk is correctly detected and ready for the installation of a new operating system. Press [ESC] and you will be presented with a boot menu with selections to boot from your available drives. In most cases the record should be correct when you receive the Notebook PC.

Self Monitoring and Reporting Technology checks the hard disk drive during POST and gives a warning message if the hard disk drive requires servicing. If any critical hard disk drive warning is given during bootup. If warnings are still given during bootup after running a software disk checking utility.. Continued use may result in data loss. You will be warned when battery power is low. Right-click the battery icon Pointer over the battery icon without power adapter. Screen captures shown here are examples only and may not reflect what you see in your system.

If you continue to ignore the low battery warnings. But the actual figure varies depending on how you use the power saving features. STR requires a small amount of power and will fail and lose data if no power is available due to complete battery depletion or no power supply e.

A fully-charged battery pack provides the Notebook PC a few hours of working power. Left-click the battery icon Pointer over the battery icon with power adapter. The battery pack begins to charge as soon as the Notebook PC is connected to external power using the power adapter. The battery stops charging if the temperature is too high or the battery voltage is too high.

This prevents the battery from charging frequently. Fully charge the battery pack before using it for the first time. DO NOT leave the battery pack discharged. A new battery pack must completely charge before the Notebook PC is disconnected from external power. Minimizing the recharge cycles helps prolong battery life. The battery pack will discharge over time. If not using a battery pack. Restarting or Rebooting After making changes to your operating system, you may be prompted to restart the system.

Some installation processes will provide a dialog box to allow restart. To restart the system manually, choose Restart. Hold the power button seconds. DO NOT use emergency shutdown while data is being written; doing so can result in loss or destruction of your data. ACPI power management settings are made through the operating system. The power management features are designed to save as much electricity as possible by putting components into a low power consumption mode as often as possible but also allow full operation on demand.

When you resume your work, your last status such as a document scrolled down half way or email typed half way will reappear as if you never left. Shut Down will close all applications and ask if you want to save your work if any are not saved.

Recover by pressing the power button. RAM does not have to be periodically refreshed and power consumption is greatly reduced but not completely eliminated because certain wake-up components like LAN needs to remain powered. Hibernate is the same as Suspend-to-Disk STD and stores your current data and status on the hard disk drive. Click the Windows button and the arrowhead next to the lock icon to see this option.

By doing this. Recover by pressing any keyboard key except [Fn]. The power indicator will be OFF in this mode. The power indicator will blink in this mode.

Hibernate saves more power compared to Sleep. You can also use the keyboard shortcut [Fn F1] to activate this mode. Because RAM is volatile. These power control cannot be configured by the user and should be known in case the Notebook PC should enter these states. The following temperatures represent the chassis temperature not CPU. Radio Tower F2: Wireless Models Only: Sun Down Icon F5: Decreases the display brightness.

Sun Up Icon F6: Increases the display brightness. On certain models. The Hot Key locations on the function keys may vary depending on model but the functions should remain the same. When enabled. Windows software settings are necessary to use the wireless LAN or Bluetooth. Follow the icons instead of the function keys.

The colored commands can only be accessed by first pressing and holding the function key while pressing a key with a colored command. LCD Icon F7: Crossed Speaker Icons F Locking the touchpad will prevent you from accidentally moving the pointer while typing and is best used with an external pointing device such as a mouse.

This allows switching between different display color enhancement modes in order to improve contrast. You can see the current mode through the onscreen display OSD.

This function does not work in Colors. Crossed-out Touchpad F9: The key with the Windows Logo activates the Start menu located at the bottom left of the Windows desktop. This key toggles power savings between various power saving modes. Microsoft Windows Keys There are two special Windows keys on the keyboard as described below. The other key. You can see the current mode through the on-screen display OSD.

Applying or removing the power adapter will automatically switch the system between AC mode and battery mode. The power saving modes control many aspects of the Notebook PC to maximize performance versus battery time. With Number Lock ON. For example [Fn][8] for up. Numeric assignments are located at the upper right hand corner of each key as shown in the figure.

These dual-purpose keys are labeled in orange on the key caps. To disable the numeric keypad while keeping the keypad on an external keyboard activated. Keyboard as a Numeric Keypad The numeric keypad is embedded in the keyboard and consists of 15 keys that make number intensive input more convenient. If an external keyboard is connected. For example [Shift][8] for up. Keyboard as Pointers The keyboard can be used as pointers while Number Lock is ON or OFF in order to increase navigation ease while entering numeric data in spreadsheets or similar applications.

Multimedia Control Keys The multimedia control keys allows for convenient controlling of the multimedia application. The following defines the meaning of each multimedia control key on the Notebook PC. Some control key functions may defer depending on Notebook PC model. Use the [Fn] key in combination with the arrow keys for multimedia control functions.

When the capital lock light is OFF. Orange ON: Drive Activity Indicator Indicates that the Notebook PC is accessing one or more storage device s such as the hard disk. When the built-in wireless LAN is enabled. Capital lock allows some of the keyboard letters to type using capitalized letters e. Windows software settings are necessary. Green ON: Orange Blinking: The light flashes proportional to the access time. To use the Instant Key for the first time: You can configure one Instant Key function at a time.

Press the Instant Key at the opposite side of the power button. From the setup screen. Click the arrows to browse through the Instant Key functions that you can configure. From the Welcome screen. Splendid Preset Allows you to select from six colored display presets. You can configure these Instant Key functions: Instant Web Quickly launches your favorite website.

Instant App Quickly launches your frequently-used application or office files. Touchpad Lock Allows you to enable or disable the touchpad. Countdown Timer Quickly launches a countdown timer for sleep. Video Magic Quickly launches Video Magic for video playback.

To reconfigure the Instant Key. A device driver is still required for working with some application software. DO NOT use any objects in place of your finger to operate the touchpad. It allows you to use one-finger and multi-finger gestures to move the pointer so you can select and click items.

Moving the pointer You can tap or click anywhere on the touchpad to activate its pointer. Using the touchpad The touchpad is an interactive device that simulates the functions of a regular mouse. Dragging and dropping. Release your finger from the then slide the same finger touchpad to drop the item on its without lifting it off the touchpad. Right-click Click once to select an item and view its menu options. Drop Drag Select an item by tapping twice.

Tapping on the touchpad allows you to select items onscreen and open files. Doing the drag-and-drop action on the touchpad allows you to move onscreen items into a new location.

Clicking on the touchpad simulates the functions of the left mouse button and right mouse button. Tap once to select an item.

Tap twice to open the selected item. Touchpad usage illustrations Tapping. Left-click Click once to select an item. Using two fingers on the touchpad. The mouse pointer changes to a double-headed arrow pointer when continuous scrolling is activated.

Put two fingers on the touchpad then turn in a circular motion. To enable continuous scrolling. Take note of the following precautions. If not properly cared for. The touchpad responds best to light pressure. Caring for the touchpad The touchpad is pressure sensitive. Three-finger swiping. There is no need to tap the surface too hard. Tapping too hard does not increase the responsiveness of the touchpad.

Using three fingers on the touchpad. The touchpad responds to movement not to force. You can also use this gesture to switch between active windows on your desktop. Go to Control Panel. Select the ELAN tab. Disabling the touchpad automatically You can automatically disable the touchpad when an external USB mouse is attached.

To disable the touchpad: Select Apply to save current changes or select OK to save changes then exit. Tick the box with the Disable when external pointing device plug in option. Change view settings to Large Icons then select Mouse. Optical Drive on selected models Inserting an optical disc 1. Be careful not to touch the CD drive lens and other mechanisms. When the drive stops. The drive will begin reading the table of contents TOC on the disc.

The hub should be higher than the disc when correctly mounted. It is normal to hear as well as feel the CD spinning with great intensity in the CD drive while data is read.

Emergency eject The emergency eject is located in a hole on the optical drive and is used to eject the optical drive tray in case the electronic eject does not work.

Ensure not to stab the activity indicator located in the same area. Removing an optical disc Eject the tray and gently pry the edge of the disc upwards at an angle to remove the disc from the hub. Actual location will vary by model. Depending on the DVD audio disc and installed software. Keep in mind the important safety instructions from your CD suppliers. Insert the audio CD and Windows automatically opens an audio player and begins playing.

A CD drive letter should be present regardless of the presence of a CD disc in the drive. Using the Optical Drive Optical discs and equipment must be handled with care because of the precise mechanics involved. When inserting a CD. If the CD disc is not properly locked onto the center hub. To decrease vibration.

Unlike desktop optical drives. Vibration is normal for all high-speed optical drives due to unbalanced CDs or CD print. Using the proper software.

Always watch the CD closely while closing the tray slowly to prevent damage. You can adjust the volume using hotkeys or Windows speaker icon in the Notification area. After the CD is properly inserted.

Flash memory card specifications constantly change so compatibility may change without warning. Never remove cards while or immediately after reading. The built-in memory card reader is not only convenient. Flash memory card compatibility varies depending on Notebook PC model and flash memory card specifications. To prevent data loss. Flash Memory Card Reader Normally a memory card reader must be purchased separately in order to use memory cards from devices such as digital cameras.

This Notebook PC has a single built-in memory card reader that can use many flash memory cards as shown in the example below. Poor handling of the Notebook PC may damage the hard disk drive. Self Monitoring and Reporting Technology to detect hard disk errors or failures before they happen. Hard Disk Drive Hard disk drives have higher capacities and operate at much faster speeds than floppy disk drives and optical drives.

Current hard drives support S. Handle the Notebook PC gently and keep it away from static electricity and strong vibrations or impact. The secondary hard disk drive bay may be empty. When replacing or upgrading the hard drive. Disconnect all the connected peripherals. The hard disk drive is the most delicate component and will likely be the first or only component that is damaged if the Notebook PC is dropped.

The Notebook PC comes with a replaceable hard disk drive. The number of the hard disk drive varies with your purchased model. Memory RAM Additional memory will increase application performance by decreasing hard disk access. Installing a Memory Card: Removing a Memory Card: Network Connection Connect a network cable. For 10Base-T. After purchase.

The software default is to use the fastest setting so no user-intervention is required. Connections The built-in network cannot be installed later as an upgrade. The end connectors are called RJ connectors. Gigabit models support auto-crossover so a crossover LAN cable is optional. If connecting two computers together without a hub in between. Implementing the IEEE DO NOT connect to the unsecured network. To provide efficient security to your wireless communication.

For security concerns. The optional built-in wireless LAN is a client adapter that supports Infrastructure and Ad-hoc modes giving you flexibility on your existing or future wireless network configurations for distances up to 40 meters between the client and the access point. All devices must install optional No access point AP is required in this wireless environment.

Windows Wireless Network Connection Connecting to a network 1. Select the wireless access point you want to connect to from the list and click Connect to build the connection.