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Goodyear's Wrangler All-Terrain Adventure /65 R17 claimed first place in an all-terrain tyre shootout test conducted by DriveOut Magazine. Drive Out is a monthly African overlanding magazine. The magazine takes readers to where the tar road ends and the real fun begins. It offers practical advice. Does anyone know what is going on with Drive Out magazine? About 2 months back they said they were brining out a monthly issue as.

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Drive Out's editor first tackled the route in a Discovery TDi a couple of years For more information on this article please visit the Drive-Out Magazine website. For DriveOut Magazine's tar road braking test, three emergency stops were made at a speed of km/h. Goodyear's Wrangler All-Terrain. Posts about DriveOut Magazine's All-Terrain tyre test written by roadsafety.

Life is so hectic and difficult. Many a respected 4x4 has bogged down in the deep sand, especially with a novice at the wheel. That meant learning everything about making jeans from pattern-making to sourcing raw material, to setting up a manufacturing process and learning how to make it commercially valuable. This earned Hart an invitation to a summit of Americans where they feel the greatest sense of belonging. Your Your family.

But best of all, there was a three-foot decorated Christmas tree set up on a table in the corner, with brightly wrapped boxes of gifts from Santa around it! To say our household was filled with excited shouts and squeals of delight and merriment was to describe it in the mildest of terms. It was joy beyond joy and it had arisen out of adversity. The Christmas tree, the presents, and decorations had come from the hearts of my oldest sister Annie and my oldest brother Peter, both of whom somehow put enough nickels, dimes, and pennies together from their meagre earnings—Annie from her housecleaning jobs and Peter from his door-to-door selling of Persian rugs and Kirby vacuum cleaners, and what he made at his caddy jobs in the summer.

When they talk about the magic of Christmas, I imagine this scene is what they mean. Stanley Scislowski was born in Windsor in He has written extensively on his war experiences and life in Windsor during the Depression. Story provided by: Salvage is a California contemporary-lifestyle brand specializing in luxury essentials and the pursuit of a comfy, casual lifestyle. Pure Day Spa: Join your friends or allow them a day of peace and calm.

The most elegant present for everyone on your list. BVogue Boutique: Be bold. Be brave. Yoga and More A perfect gift for that special someone in your life. Work with Gina and learn how you create a life that fills you up mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually. La Rucola Enjoy time with family and friends this holiday season.

Stop by for traditional Italian fare, brick-oven pizzas, delicious desserts, and a fine wine selection. A perfect gift when quality is the gift you want to give. Contact Gina Wasserlein to learn more These incredibly soft scarves are imported from Peru. Over 50 colours and designs to choose from.

Frank Brewing Company Straight-up beer: Perfect for the craft beer enthusiast in your family. Handmade right here in our brewery.


Gift cards can be used for simulator golf, mini golf, volleyball, food, drinks, and even golf lessons! Various prices. The Cheese Bar: In , she and her husband took a shot and opened The Toy Box on Howard to provide her vision of early childhood education to Windsor and surrounding communities.

With the idea of providing childcare for 45 children, The Toy Box would include classes for toddlers, infants, and preschool-aged children. Their original plan had been to close their first location; however, by the time the new centre had been built, there were still waiting lists at both locations so they had no need to close. The Toy Box established a reputation in the childcare industry, and Anna continued to expand through the years to accommodate the needs of children.

Now, Anna celebrates her new Walker location and being able to hold over children in one space. We do everything to make sure that they are prepared. Anna and her team have maintained reputable highquality childcare that parents can trust. When Canadian entrepreneurs Lauren and Mike Purkis attended an event for CEOs in New York two years ago, little did they know their lives were soon to be changed by an encounter with a friendly Australian.

Nor could they have known the newest Duchess in the British royal family would also play a role in their lives. Their story begins in New York City. They liked James Bartle but, more importantly, they were intrigued by the story he told them about his product, Outland Denim, and the reason he brought it to market: Bartle was at the conference looking for information about the American market for his denim brand, which he had started in They ordered the jeans, tried them on, and approved of their cut, styling, and quality.

They still had not decided how or if they wanted to become involved with the project. Bartle returned to Australia to confer with his wife Erica who backed his plan completely. So, this Mount Tamborine native with a welding business decided to set up a sewing operation to make jeans in Cambodia. He had a steep learning curve.

That meant learning everything about making jeans from pattern-making to sourcing raw material, to setting up a manufacturing process and learning how to make it commercially valuable.

The story about how James Bartle came to devote his life and career to an anti-trafficking mission is one he tells passionately, leaving no doubt about his dedication and sincerity. Over a lengthy cellphone call while sitting in an airport in New Zealand, waiting to travel home to Australia, he is energized Bartle also wanted to ensure the jeans as he explains how he became involved with they produced met the highest possible the cause and how it is shaping the lives of environmental standards, which is him and his family.

I knew I had to University of Technology, where over a do something. I also realized after visiting with the agency Destiny Rescue that once people are rescued from a situation like this they need a lot of psycho-social care, but they need more than counselling.

Handouts work only in the short term, but they can be just a band-aid solution. What these women need are training and skills, they need a place to live safely, and they need a wage that gets them out of poverty, which is one of the greatest contributors to human trafficking.

This makes it all the more important, he says, to make sure what is being done to help them is sustainable. These types of partnerships will change the trajectory of where the fashion industry is going.

People in the agency find women who are being trafficked and offer the women the counselling services they need to survive. Bartle says his company maintains the highest ethical standards and work diligently to ensure their supply chain is free from forced labour, including having signed the Make Fashion Traffic Free protocol.

This ensures Outland Denim is free of slavery and child labour. He was creating a new model for doing business—one that is, he says, fair, conscious, and sustainable.

The company uses vegetable dyes, recycled zippers and rivets, and ethically sourced cotton. They also ensure that no contamination ever reaches local waterways. Outland Denim has several major components, according to Bartle. Those include training women on all aspects of jean making—from design to material sourcing and production.

It also includes education in language, finances, and health care and ensuring a living wage. He also found support from the two Canadians he met in New York. Back in Toronto, Purkis and her husband kept talking about their encounter with Bartle. They were happy with where their multigenerational family business— Caulfeild Apparel Group Ltd. But there was this nagging little voice taking them in a different direction. Bartle wanted to fix a problem.

We decided to invest with Bartle and to get Outland Denim known in Canada. I also think people will be touched by the message on the inside of the jeans—each pair comes with a personal message of thanks from a woman who has been saved. Soheil Mann, who is in charge of the denim department at Harry Rosen, said they sold probably three or four pairs.

However, when Bartle visited the store several weeks ago and brought his passion for the product and the project, it was like an explosion.

They really bought into it and were able to relate that story to customers. They are also available online. He says in order to get jeans to customers around the world they use delivery services that minimize environmental impact. One that touched him deeply was hearing how one young woman in the program was able to make enough money to buy her sister from traffickers. Bartle spends many weeks of the year flying around the globe.

A selection of the jeans had been sent to the couple and the gift paid off. In total, the Duchess has worn her skinny black Harriet-style jeans at least six times. The news created a media frenzy. It really gets the brand out there and gives the product an incredible boost. We truly believe that this is a new business model that is meaningful. Image by Getty Images. Two-thirds of human trafficking offences reported by police between and were reported in Ontario.

In early January, Windsor police charged a year-old Quebec man with trafficking following an assault investigation involving an year-old woman. Harbinder Gill told the audience that traffickers use coercive relationships to trap people into forced sex work, labour, and even organ harvesting.

This was a coordinated national law enforcement outreach program aimed at reaching vulnerable people in the sex Pascale Colucci, 35, is a local advocate trade industry who might be at risk of being for vulnerable women who have the potentrafficked. Colucci recently spearheaded the A21 Walk for Freedom in Windsor. The A21 Campaign is a non-profit organization that works to fight human trafficking by rescuing victims through working with police, providing services for victims, and using events like the Walk for Freedom to create awareness.

Through her work volunteering with the Lazarus Outreach Centre, Colucci says she encountered many woman with addictions who were working as prostitutes. The goal is to get to women before they reach that low point. She would like to see more business ventures that include a plan to employ rescued victims without stigma.

At the Walk for Freedom she introduced the more than participants to Jennifer Devoe, a year-old woman from Nova Scotia who had been trafficked for 21 years.

The man who started giving me money for drugs trafficked me, tattooed his name on my neck, and I eventually lost my children. I was servicing his gang of friends and sleeping in a basement on a gravel floor.

Drive Out Off Road 4x4 Tyre Test

There was no way out. Now two years clean, Devoe is advocating for other vulnerable women and found employment at the Meal Prep Company. Those who do have no idea what a life-changing experience it is. It gives us back a life. My children were at my graduation from the Centre and I am getting to know them. It is so important to give rescued people a second chance so that they have a purpose in life again. One thing is for sure, there are no other options now.

This has to work because so many lives depend on it. Corporate Gifts Now Available Visit our retail shop for a wide selection of holiday gift sets. Ken Stewart kstewart thedrivemagazine. Clockwise from top left: Is it seeking help from a professional? Taking medication? Schizoaffective disorder is schizophrenia with a mood component, which can often be unpredictable. Even though her mother can be aggressive one day, and calm apparent. Mental Health Association ambassadors want you to know who they are, and to Growing up with her mother has instilled a help them fight the stigma of seeking help— passion in Christina to show the public that whatever that may mean to you.

And off me came all the weights People.

Magazine drive out

Aside from CMHA, Christina taps into her creative outlets to help her work through her racing thoughts. She uses the many emotions that have come with having schizoaffective disorder and portrays the feelings in her writing and poems. Christina fights the stigma therapy or medication. Christina puts it of mental illness by looking beyond it.

Instead, Chris- same with mental illness. I want everyone to know that you are not insignificant tina reminds herself that she is more than her diagnosis. She is: When she was beginning her treatment with It is the most beautiful thing that you are all so CMHA, Christina was feeling disconnected different Giving.

But would you have known that he lives with depression? Jasmine Jasey become involved with CMHA two years ago, after the first time she posted publicly about her mental illness on Facebook. For Jasmine, speaking to younger ages was crucial. At the lead singer of Soundgarden.

He posted, the time, I felt so alone. So, she jumped while I saw a strange blank slate in front at the opportunity to provide early intervenof me. Last year, that slate boxed me in for tion in schools. It was his not how to handle a child with anxiety. You can have them in instead of blowing them off, a big house, a beautiful family, an amazing Jasmine helps children get through it.

They No. He says that everyone has to She sets a goal for herself, and she just has to put down the jazz hands that cover up the make it halfway. If she only gets three items conversation, and just talk about it. Whatever Greg says he finds hope from this same she does is enough. She can always do more the sprayed, but every year that flower still following day.

She needs mental wellness in comes out. By letting everyone know which resources are available to them, they hope to address the stigma of mental illness. This social media campaign is about engaging the thousands of community members so they know where to go, who to talk to, and to become better informed.

Statistics say that 1 in 5 will experience mental illness in their lifetime. Kim Willis, director of communications and mental health promotion at CMHA, says that this statistic is on the low side. She has seen about 1 in 2. You are not alone. We hear you. Sole Focus Project solefocusproject. Right from our wood burning oven! Seconds, minutes, hours, days.

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Here, our long watchmaking heritage echoes through a timeless design, with each passing date marked off by a distinctive jumping hand. For Because history shapes the present: Just a little.

When you care about watches, just a little matters a lot. Are you ready for the new marijuana cannabis legislation? Does it have your compliance and health and safety on high alert? A team of horses and a dray wagon were the humble beginnings of a family business that dates back to and now has the fifth generation involved in its operations. Incorporated as Moir Cartage Ltd. To this day the firm still provides service to the historic structure for maintenance and upgrades.

It also hauled components for the construction of the Detroit-Windsor Tunnel. Now called Moir Crane Service Ltd. Ford, Chrysler, and GM. Solar farms and wind farms. New home construction, apartment buildings, and office buildings, including the new Windsor City Hall. Over the years Moir also provided its resources and expertise to preservation projects such as the moving of to its final position on Riverside Drive. In later years the firm lifted down the Bomber for restoration and put up the replica planes now on display.

James was also instrumental in the preservation of many historical structures that were moved to Heritage Village and the Canadian Transportation Museum on the Arner Town Line where he was a longtime member. Shannon is operations manager.

We consistently strive for safe, reliable service with professional operators and never lose sight of the fact that our customers have a choice! We thank them for consistently choosing us. Pulling into the parking lot of Family Service Windsor-Essex, you might not have the slightest inkling of the benefits, opportunities, and support that are hidden inside this modest industrial building.

As you push through the front doorway, you are greeted by a welcoming brunette. She kindly takes you in, offering a beverage. The TV is comforting, a calming background noise. The room is filled with people from your community: They all have similar hopes, questions, and worries. Life is so hectic and difficult. We all need a little support, direction, and reassurance from time to time. Maybe, just maybe, the answer you are looking for is beyond the next door.

Family Services Windsor-Essex, which has served the Windsor and Essex communities for almost 60 years, has combined their social activism, support, and service to the Windsor-Essex community in the most epic of social enterprises with the implementation of the Family Services Employee Assistance Program. The building houses one of the most thought-out community collaboratives in Windsor-Essex County. Family Services Windsor-Essex is the biggest employer in the building but they also share space with some critical community partners that help to streamline the services they offer.

These partners are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the treasures just inside the walls of the unassuming building. There are two main streams of services offered at FSWE. One is counselling, where the focus is on mental health and wellness needs. Then there are the support services such as the Housing First team. This team reaches out to.

Which makes us a very strong Sellick says it is hard to quantify and counselling they may need. The goal years. Sellick Equipment Ltd. They sell employee assistance program EAP contracts to workplaces, companies, and unions on a one- to three-year basis to help their employees and members. In turn the revenue that may be generated from those contracts goes back into Family Service Agencies so they can deliver counselling and support to people in the community who may not be able to afford it.

What is an EAP? It allows employees to access professional counselling services that will help them work through issues to allow them to be productive in their workplace and with their families once more. The women say people often wonder why they work tirelessly to help keep FSEAP current and growing for future needs in the community.

Out magazine drive

It is important to offer benefits that promote the well-being of the workforce, according to Sellick. He feels if his employees have problems, they are not going to be productive. He says that it is important to offer great benefits and contribute to the overall well-being of his employees. I picked up the phone and called Family Services and talked to Beth Ann [Ternovan, the manager of counselling at the employee assistance program].

The response was phenomenal. There are many reasons why mental health and wellness have come to the forefront. Those at FSEAP are helping to highlight the importance of paying attention to the needs of others and removing some of the stigma surrounding it. Because of that it has caused people to engage in the conversation more readily and with a little bit less stigma.

Another reason is because of the Mental Health Commission of Canada and the psychological safety standards in workplaces that we are all mandated to adhere to. Social enterprises have become popular conversations and new age business models for a lot of not-for-profit organizations.

Drive Out Magazine Feature - Angola - August - Faces of the Namib

This type of enterprise is a reflection of the deep core values woven through the fabric of Canadians. The female leaders of this organization have worked tirelessly serving communities across Canada, serving the health, wellness, and success of virtually every person in the community.

For over three decades we have been assisting people like you manage and grow your financial future. Start with the freshest locally-grown ingredients. Add talented chefs with a passion for creating meals that satisfy and delight. Stir in friendly, smiling servers, and simmer in a bright sun-filled dining room with crisp linens.

Sprinkle with variety and daily creations, then garnish with the laughter of good friends. Share in our recipe for great retirement living. Call today to arrange your visit and stay as our guest for lunch. Bolger worked a lot trying to get ahead. He slowly hired a few people, built his first house in , and has grown Nor-Built into a company that values quality craftsmanship and service. Over the years, the buildings Nor-Built Construction oversaw became more complex.

More staff was needed. Bolger estimates that well over a hundred people have worked for the company over the years. His daughter, who has cerebral palsy, inspired the company to build accessible homes and apartments when Bolger wanted her to be able to get around the house easily and to be independent when she lived on her own.

The company held a news conference to announce the creation of a new hotel along with other commercial pads that will be constructed at the corner of Simcoe and Meloche Streets in Amherstburg.

The hotel will feature 60 rooms, and the company hopes the project will be completed by Amherstburg, ON Bolger has so much confidence in his staff that they all bear his name in their work attire.

That is one of the reasons I put my name in the company name. A lot of people call me Norbuilt. As for the future, Bolger is planning to continue the business. As we continue to grow and evolve, I look forward to many years ahead of us.

When we feel a painful emotion, our first instinct is to pull away. To numb the pain. To hide from the intensity. This was the case for Sarah and Jack, two unique individuals with vastly different circumstances. But they each experienced the same emotion: An emotion that is heightened during the holidays. SARAH Sarah was a year-old recently divorced woman who was about to face her first holiday season alone. Living in a new town, miles away from friends and family, she was waiting to begin a new job in January.

Hours felt like days. Days felt like months. Sarah had tried everything to fill the void inside. The mistake she made was running away from the one thing that would help get her to the other side: Knowledge is power 1. The theory of emotion explains why two people can experience the exact same event and have completely different emotional reactions to it.

Ultimately, Sarah has a choice. One interpretation debilitates; the other empowers. Witness the emotion Now that Sarah understands the interpretative power she holds over her environmental triggers, the next step is to witness loneliness in a neutral, curious state rather than fighting it at every turn.

In doing so, Sarah neutralizes the intensity of her emotions, allowing them to flow through her, rather than getting stuck in a repetitive loop of pain. Here are four simple ways to create space between triggers and responses: Count to 10 2. Take a long deep breath 3. Make three wishes 4. Reframe the emotion The final step for Sarah is to learn how to reframe the situations that trigger her loneliness, and understand why sometimes she overreacts, while other times she lets go without a second thought.

Solitude is perceived as isolation by one person and freedom by another. Reframing exercise: And her ability to choose a higher thought improves. His wife of 25 years died suddenly of a heart attack two years ago. Unexpected was an understatement. They had run in three marathons together and had spent their weekends sampling new vegan restaurants in their local community. Ever since his wife had died, Jack struggled to face the holidays alone.

Jack did not want people to feel sorry for him. He was a proud man who was ready to move on. Having been treated with kid gloves since his wife died, Jack longed to be seen as a victor rather than a victim. As such, I encourage Jack to connect with like-minded individuals who had been through a similar situation: Specifically, ones who had been on their own for several years. The benefits were twofold. One, Jack would learn new ways of relating to friends and family. Simple, cheerful, good-time fun.

There was no doubt that he missed her with all his heart. But equally, he longed for moments where he could be free of the loneliness and pain. I recommend that Jack reintroduce sports into his life.

Something non-competitive that would get him out of the house on a Wednesday night. Better yet, if it involved people that he had never met, it would allow him to continue his journey of reinvention and rediscovery. Equally therapeutic for Jack would be joining a cinema group or regular euchre meetup—both would offer him a chance to be in the moment and enjoy the simple pleasures in life.

Honour the old, create the new Finally, I advise Jack to examine the memories and traditions that he wanted to keep alive during the holidays—and, equally, the ones of which he was ready to let go.

Jack took the practice one step further. Declaring December a month of renewal and reinvention, he revived a strength and peace inside that radiated out to his entire family.

Magazine drive out

When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change. Jack and Sarah have a lot to teach us about loneliness and how important it is to honour the unique ways in which we process adversity. One size does not fit all. Visit DrAndreaDinardo. This article is for informational purposes only and is not a substitute for professional advice, diagnosis, or treatment. To protect the privacy of individuals, names and identifying details have been changed.

Prior to her involvement in this industry, Fox worked in psychology. Unsure about the future of her current career, she took on this one job and it quickly became a whole new career. Now she has worked on close to 70 cannabis applications and has obtained licenses for 16 Canadian Licensed Producers to date. As of October 17, , the recreational cannabis market came into play in Canada under the new Cannabis Act.

Fox admitted she had no idea this industry would be what it is today when she entered it. However, she still faces the stigma that lingers with cannabis when people ask her what she does for a living.

That is why I frame them; because it is phenomenal to me to see how far we have come from then to now. Choose your favourites and get ready for the holidays in style. Danielle Nicholson Design is an interior design firm and furniture boutique. Whether you are building a new home, renovating an existing space, or looking to refresh a room, we are committed to bringing your vision to life.

Traditional mantel: A traditional mantel has one key component: Give attention to details using classic colours—creams, golds, and silvers—then add sparkle, shine, and texture to create interest. Use plain glass jars or gold ornaments for shine. To add warmth, add earthy textures—I used wood chips and greens.

The greenery is key to add a touch of coziness. Hanging the greenery adds layering for richness. I added wood in the basket for warmth to offset some of the shine. Modern fireplace: The main difference between traditional and modern is less fuss and more matte. I created the feeling of muted versus shiny. The less fussy, the better. In modern looks, the focus is on the key pieces. I used less layering and allowed the fireplace, instead of the traditional mantel, to take centre stage. Adding a fur rug can add warmth.

The Dunes :: Drive Out Magazine Article :: 3rd edition

The bolder, larger shapes allow for a cleaner look, and I achieve this with the greenery and the larger tree—without decorations. From Anna's Flowers: From HomeSense: He has the ability to command a room full of people with the music he makes. When you hear it, you feel it through your entire body. Within seconds of hearing that first beat, heads are nodding. For Stefan Cvetkovic, music has taken up the better half of his life—as a band member, a solo artist, and through collaborative efforts.

The name Soul Brother Stef has become well-known in the local music scene, but with a new direction in his career, that name has become a part of his past. That name grew its popularity from his Instagram handle; because it was something that blossomed on its own, he was afraid to change it.

The name derived from his favourite car, the Datsun, admiring the performance. Each has a similar vibe but what goes into the music is completely separate.

For example, when Stef is performing a live show, his performance is organic in the sense that the beats, samples from records, and his singing are all coming together live as you hear it. The label, Sweet Soul Records, has a mission to spread real music throughout the world by seeking genuine sounds and real artists to create music together through collaborative projects. They saw that in Stef. Soul Records. I get to put out a record with special is happening in Windsor and my closest friends who I make music with— Detroit.

Amour around the city and interact with the crowd, Saint Amour , and Jacob Sigman, along I saw that he was a genuine and thoughtful with more close collaborators. The music person. Log In. Forgot account? Not Now. Community See All. About See All. Contact Ocean Drive Magazine on Messenger. Page Transparency See More. Facebook is showing information to help you better understand the purpose of a Page.

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