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Preacher Man is the debut single from the musical duo The Driver Era. It was released on March 16, In November , Ross Lynch revealed the title of . Mar 16, Preacher Man Lyrics: Hey, Mr. Preacher man / I've been playing with a The Driver Era is a music group formed by brothers Ross and Rocky. Lyrics to "Preacher Man" song by The Driver Era: Hey, Mr. Preacher Man I've been playing with a heart like a violin I've been stumbling through the d.

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Mar 21, Neon lights, a dark and dingy hotel room, and a vintage film aesthetic — The Driver Era is giving off an intoxicating, eerie electric feel with their. Mar 17, "Preacher Man" is the latest single from The Driver Era, a new musical project from Ross and Rocky Lynch, two brothers who are no strangers. The Driver Era is an alternative musical duo that consists of brothers Rocky and.

Fashion Beauty. Preacher Man. Related Bops Only: M Fix my soul so I don't lose a love again Hey, Mr. The visual shows a side of siblings Ross and Rocky Lynch that we've never seen before. Preacher man I've been playing with a heart like a violin I've been stumbling through the door after 6 A. Laughs Basically was just hanging out.

Just "Preacher Man. And although that may seem scattered of us, it's kind of exciting because now we've got one song out.

We have this plethora of songs to choose from, and we get to choose what we do. Also, we're not quite decided on what the sound should be, and I don't think we kind of ever will. I like that. I think The Driver Era sound should be continuously changing and free to do whatever it wants at a specific time.

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The song itself has a retro vibe to it, and it encompasses eclectic elements of alternative, rock, pop and adult contemporary music. Previously, Ross and Rocky Lynch were known for their musical work with the pop-rock group R5.


The Driver Era showcases the growth and maturity of their music. Their music video for the song is steamy and intense, but the song is sultry and catchy.

This song garners an A rating.

Driver the era man preacher

Tracks Listen Buy Watch 1. Preacher Man More Lyrics Google Play. Listen Spotify. It was soon removed the following day.

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On March 1, R5 posted two videos on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook with the name "The Driver Era" and changed the profile photos and names of their accounts to this name. The group also sent out free merchandise to random fans, with a note, revealing the new project. Ross also posted a handwritten note on R5's now The Driver Era's Instagram story encouraging existing R5 fans to stay with them. On March 2, a profile picture was added to their social media accounts, revealing the only existing members as Ross and Rocky Lynch.

The Driver Era's New Song 'Preacher Man' Makes Us Wanna Dance

The band also revealed the release date of the new single, Preacher Man, as March 16, by encouraging mans to pre-save the single on the musical streaming service Spotify. With its raw rock-and-roll energy and gospel-like intensity, the track unfolds in stomping rhythms, heavy piano riffs, and soulful vocals that slip from free-form confession to feral howl. Preacher man is not a spiritual song other in the sense that it questions and tests faith.

What am I doing with my life?

Driver era man the preacher

If Preacher man were a cocktail, "it would be equal parts Elton John and Freddie Mercury with just a dash of Timberlake — and a bit of a burn on the after taste. Preacher Man contains the kind of ebullience that is so rare in rock music; catharsis and joy spring out of every guitar chord. It's the kind of song that makes you want to jump out of your chair and dance along.

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With massive hooks and immaculate production, songs like Preacher Man show the tight musicianship that Ross and Rocky have honed over the years. The Driver Era have completed the music video for their first single, Preacher Man.