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Directx 11 driver update

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Describes how to obtain the latest version of DirectX to enable about the DirectX components and drivers installed on your system DirectX versions and updates by Operating System Última Atualização: Jan 11, DirectX 11 Technology Update. Important! Selecting a language below will dynamically change the complete page content to that language. Microsoft DirectX is the graphics technology powering today’s most impressive games. The latest version, DirectX 11, enables the addition of advanced effects and features in NVIDIA-enhanced titles, ranging from tessellation and HBAO+, to Percentage Closer Soft Shadows and NVIDA.

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Download the latest DirectX 11 device drivers (Official and Certified). DirectX 11 drivers updated daily. Download Now. You can update DirectX via Windows Update or download & update/install 7 and Windows Server R2, Microsoft introduced DirectX DirectX 11 latest version: The essential driver for Windows gamers. Updated regularly, the current version of DirectX is , though is.

After restarting your computer, test to see if updating to the latest version of DirectX corrected the problem you were having. DirectX 12 is included with Windows 10 and is only supported in that version of Windows. DirectX is a set of components in Windows that allows software, primarily and especially games, to work directly with your video and audio hardware. But in general, 11 is the better version. Although DirectX is included as an integral part of the Windows operating systems, if you feel the need to update it, you can update DirectX via Windows Update by applying the latest service pack or platform update — or you download and install it directly. If you are inexperienced with updating DirectX device drivers manually, we highly recommend downloading the DirectX 11 Driver Utility.

Driver directx update 11

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Update directx 11 driver

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However, your computer includes a more recent version of DirectX. Try reinstalling the program to fix this problem.

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How to Download and Install DirectX (12, 11, 10, 9)

Check which version of DirectX is installed. Windows 10 From Start, type dxdiag in the Search box, and then press enter. Tap or click on dxdiag from the results. Windows 8. Type dxdiag in the search box. Or, just type dxdiag from Start. DirectX versions and updates by Operating System. Windows 8, RT, 8. There is no stand-alone update package for DirectX Windows 7 and Server R2 DirectX There is no stand-alone update package for this version. You can update DirectX by installing the service pack and update listed below.

How to Download and Install DirectX

To upgrade DirectX further, you will need to upgrade your operating system. See the section below these steps to confirm that DirectX will work for your computer.

Driver directx update 11

If you're not sure which DirectX version your computer has installed right now, there are instructions for doing that at the very bottom of this page. Visit the DirectX download page on Microsoft's site.

Microsoft will recommend a couple of their other products after clicking the download link, but you can uncheck those boxes if you'd rather not download them.

Open the dxwebsetup.

It should take less than a minute to install. Don't worry if it says it's only supported through a different version of Windows! Whatever DirectX files are missing will be replaced as necessary. Setup might suggest that you install another program along with DirectX, such as the Bing Bar, but you can uncheck that option and continue installing DirectX without it.

Restart your computer , even if you're not prompted to do so. After restarting your computer, test to see if updating to the latest version of DirectX corrected the problem you were having.