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The following software upgrades are provided to MegaTEC customers for free. Before NetAgent II & Mini | UPSilon & RUPS | NET | NetProbe 2 | User Manual | Fax2Email .. '04, NET, 1,KB. What is the difference between RUPS & UPSilon ? In the Netware or MS_DOS system, the device driver can drive the COM Please select the RUPS II software and an Advanced Intelligent UPS for the schedule on/off function. Software to automatically shutdown the system on a power failure. For more Download UPSilon for all Systems Version (approx. 16 MB).

Published: 23.05.2013
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Operating Systems: Windows NT/2000/XP/2003//7/8/10 or MacOS 10/X
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This software is used for devices which use Megatec Snmp Network Adapter. Download ยท Upsilon for Windows. Newtech Pro Upsilon User Manual. When I install UPSilon working video card driver NVIDIA GeForce . Can someone give me the download link to the software package?. Make sure that the program is MegaTec standard UPSilon / DO NOT UNINSTALL your current UPSilon / RUPS software.

Upgrade to 3. My Opinion is no more important or right than yours. FreeBSD 3. Please make sure no other process uses the same serial port as the software. DT external card.

Is it possible to shutdown the Windows NT system when the AC failed for 5 minutes, but not after battery been exhausted. Yes, please disable the battery low detection function and setup the time in the Expected battery life.

In the Windows NT UPS configuration, there is a parameter named Battery recharge time per minute of run time, the default value is minutes, which means the NT runs minutes to make UPS supply system power for 1 minute.

When the system power failure, the Windows NT thinks the power is not enough for running, so the system been shutdown immediately. Change the parameter into 2 minutes if you want to test this function. RUPS batch file to shutdown server. Users could make their own shutdown batch file and save it in the'SYS: Disable, then exit. This message show up repeatedly and I can not log into the system. In order to modify, try on of the following methods to get into the system.

Press "Break" button. You can get into the system if the process if interrupted. Get into the system with Telnet. Insert in the top of the line rups or rupsii and then save file. In the system HP-UX In UNIX system, the system server follows the shutdown process when the system still runs backup files Insert the process below to the UNIX start-up or manually execute it. In that way, the system will finish the backup program before the server shuts down.

In RUPS , some functions e. Configuration, History Information, Shutdown Information will not show up normally. This problem caused by the older version file "bwcc. The resolution is copy the new version bwcc. Before doing the copy, rename the bwcc. I installed RUPS at my client site and have problem with loading the service.

I change the user privilege to Administrator and its work fine. I want to set back the user to power user privilege! What is the problem? Please make sure logon in administrator account if you are using Windows operating system or above. Please upgrade the software to the latest version and make sure logon in administrator account if you are using windows operation system or above.

Yes, the UPSilon is an application software, so we have to login the system to execute the software. The UPS will not turn on at the scheduled time. But if I turn on the UPS myself at I have tried some special settings with the same results.

Goto "Control" then click "Shutdown". Different Operating System have different time range for shutdown. In this case, the shutdown time set is too short , that is why the PC was shut off before the safe screen displays. Try to prolong the shutdown time.

UPSilon cannot work under Novell Netware 4. NLM for Novell 4. Installing service function when the UPSilon were installed, please refer to the Appendix of User's Manual for installation.

If your version does not have the service function, download the service function file and install it. After installing the UPSilon under Windows system, it works perfectly. But both the functions of close application and shutdown system were failed. Download the latest updated files from our site.

The difference is:. I have just upgraded my operating system and would like to know if the upsilon v2. If not where can I obtain an upgrade and how much is it? UPSilon v2.


If you are using version 2. I can't install the upsilon for Unix program my operating system is Mandrake 9.

Software 2000 driver upsilon

Installation of UPSilon 2. Linux 2. FreeBSD 2. FreeBSD 3.

Upsilon driver 2000 software

Please Select One: Extracting files: Program files: From V1. DT external card. CT internal card. BT internal card. New function - "Test until Battery Capacity below.. WEST language to include: EAST language to include: Telnet local Echo issue. If you are using version 2. Click on the Filename to download the program. For PROB2 hardware only. Click on the Firmware name to download the program. SNMP v3 security configuration update. Bug Fix. SSL Key update. HTTPS security protocol update.

Support TLS v1. Modbus on RS BY model only 4. Support TLS 1. Change default SSL key into bits. JAVA control signature.

SEC protocol bug fixed. NetAgent9 v3. Improved FTP firmware upgrade function. Improved multiple SMS notification function. SNMP v3 trap. Added Sentry protocol. DNS server manual configuration. Improvements to watchdog during system start-up.

Send Wake on LAN when power is restored. Upgrade firmware via FTP client function can be turned-off. Improved calculation for remaining battery time.

Modbus on TCP modification. NetAgent0 v3. IPv6 issues resolved. Log issue in Serial Flash. Russian language translation errors.

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Support for IPv6 3. Temperature log in battery testing log. NetAgent v3. BX and DX firmware 3. Polish language 4.

2000 driver software upsilon

SNMP v3. Battery Remaining Time bug. Change Email Address length issue. Inform stack overflow bug. SMS notification 6. Other bug fixes. SNMP v2c, V2 trap. Send Wake on LAN when power restored. FTP client upgrade firmware function could be turned-off. Improved battery remaining time calculation.

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Modbus on TCP modifications. Bug fixes. RFC unit bug. UPS PhoenixTec protocol restored to old version. UPS communication protocol.

WEST version now include Russian language. RSS option for Event Log. Resend Cold Start Trap. Auto-Logoff when idle. SMS is now in 7-bit and Unicode.

UPS communication debug 4. Telnet local Echo issue 2.

Email problem with Exchange Server. This page was last updated on: NetAgent Firmware download procedure: Firmware name. Release Date. Firmware Release Notes: Enhanced serial-flash initialization. Fix memory bug. BX unit with 3.