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Network Camera · Network Video Recorder(NVR) · Analog HD Camera · Speed Dome Camera(PTZ) · Digital Video Recorder(DVR) · Time & Attendance · Mobile . This page contains the driver installation download for CP Plus DVR Card in supported models (System Product Name) that are running a supported operating. CPplus CPS H 4 Channel Dvr Card,CPplus CPS H 8 Channel Dvr Card,Chennai India.

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Cp Plus Dvr Card Driver. 3DP Net · download. An integrated driver installer that supports many model of Ethernet card. 3DP Net is an integrated ethernet card. i have a cp plus cpa-l dvr card, can any one please provide the required software. as i have lost the cd. thanks in advance. Latest download for CP Plus DVR Card driver. Improve your pc peformance with this new update.

You can also update system here. Please click set button and then drag the title to the corresponding position in the screen. Please input sender email box here. All the operations here such as playback speed. Since detection channel and detection type may not be the same. Click that button to switch between numeral input and English input capitalized and small.

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Ask the Community. There was a problem completing your request. Please try your search again later. Customers who viewed this item also viewed. Page 1 of 1 Start over Page 1 of 1. CP Plus Model No. CP Plus 16 Ch. Customers who bought this item also bought.

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Atrise Lutcurve. Pepakura Viewer. Date Sep 25, Author tamasoft. Date Sep 25, Author realtek. Business Card Designer Plus. GloboFleet CC. Date Sep 25, Author globofleet. VH Screen Capture Driver. Date Sep 25, Author 3C Size: Click stop button to terminate scan operation. You can memorize all these operations as pattern 1. Then you can go to Figure X to modify zoom. Please go to Figure The aux value has relation ship with the Aux button of the decoder.

Here you can set auxiliary function. Click page switch button again. Move the cursor to highlight the icon.

Here you can set DST time and date. Please enable DST function and then click set button. There are three types: X Figure 4. Here you can set start time and end time by setting corresponding week setup. There are three denotations to separate date: System setting interface is shown as below. You can see an interface is shown as in Figure Click mouse setup button.

If the selected day is a holiday.. There are two options: Please note you need to go to chapter 3. Otherwise you can not enable holiday record setup. Before your time modification. System supports various languages: Chinese simplified. Since system time is very important. If it is not a holiday. After completing all the setups please click save button.. Value ranges from 0 to 60 minutes. The value ranges from 1 to minutes. Please input a corresponding device name here. Click it you can see an interface shown as in Error!

Spanish All languages listed here are optional. It is to set playback time you can view in the preview interface chapter 3. You can Click Default button to restore default setup. The value ranges from 5 to 60 minutes. Here is for you to specify record duration. There are two types: Check the box here.

CPplus CPS H 4 Channel Dvr Card,CPplus CPS H 8 Channel Dvr Card,Chennai India.

Here is for you to select working mode when hard disk is full. Here you can set start time and end time by setting corresponding date setup. Slight difference maybe found in various series. There are two formats: Default value is 60 minutes. Please go to chapter 3. Chinese Traditional. You can set double click speed via dragging the slide bard.

Here is for you to set auto logout interval once login user remains inactive for a specified time. You can select system displays time or not when you playback.

The sixth level has the highest image quality. You can see current channel number is grey. Preview means the privacy mask zone can not be viewed by user when system is in preview status. You can set the various encode parameters for different record types. Please check the number to select the channel or you can check the box ALL. System supports various resolutions. System supports two types: Preview and Monitor. Please note the option may vary due to different series.

Here is for you to set privacy mask section. There are three options: Monitor means the privacy mask zone can not be view by the user when system is in monitor status.

In one channel video. Click overlay button. Please click set button and then drag the title to the corresponding position in the screen. There are six levels ranging from 1 to 6. Please click the OK button in Figure and Figure respectively to complete the setup. System supports H. Please select from the dropdown list. For H series. In VBR mode. You can drag you mouse to set proper section size.

Please note some series do not support extra stream. Select the channel you want. You can select system displays channel number or not when you playback. It is to mark a specified network MAC address. It is for you to access in the LAN.

Usually it includes an organization of multiple-level. IPv4 and IPv6. It is read-only. Figure Figure 4. Subnet prefix: The input value ranges from 0 to Then you can set the corresponding subnet mask the default gateway. Right now. The single network adapter interface is shown as in Error! System can enable alternate card when the master card is malfunction. System may pop up dialog box for you to confirm setup when you want to change MTU setup.

Here you can input the default gateway. DNS server IP address. System can process the downloaded data first if you enable this function. Click OK button to confirm current reboot. The IP address and the default gateway shall be in the same IP section. Recommend value for DHCP. It is the default setup of some router. In multiple-address mode. The default setup is bytes. When enable DHCP function.

The system is shown as Usually there is only one running card master card. It is to set MTU value of the network adapter. The value ranges from bytes. The download speed is 1.

It is to auto search IP. FTP and etc. Please note MTU modification may result in network adapter reboot and network becomes off. You can change if necessary. That is to say. Ethernet information packet max value and it is also the default value. The following MTU value is for reference only.

Recommend value for PPPoE.

Driver cp card plus dvr

If you have not enabled DHCP function. You can use the services such as HTTP. In this way. Please note system needs to check the validity of all IPv6 addresses. You can focus on one host IP address.

Please make sure the port values here do not conflict. DNS server alternate address. RTP service via etho0 or the eth1 usually you need to set one default card default setup is etho to request the auto network service form the device -end such as DHCP. MTU modification can affect current network service. Before the modification.

These values are from DHCP function. In this mode. System needs to reboot after you changed and saved any setup of the above four ports. Please note these two cards shall be in the same LAN.

Select one type from the dropdown list. Click it to restore default setup. System does not add if input IP address does not exist.

You can view the IP address on the following column. System supports valid address of IPv4 and IPv6. In this case. Load balance: The list supports max 64 IP addresses.

If it is IPv6 address. You can add IP in the following list. If you enable blocked sites function. System check start address and end address if you add IP section and the end address shall be larger than the start address. You can not see these two modes if the Enable button is grey.

System can check the IP address validity after the edit operation and implement IPv6 optimization. You can select trusted site and blacklist from the dropdown list. The eth0 and eth1 are both working now and bearing the network load. Highlight the box here. The system is shown as offline once these two cards are both offline. Click it to edit start address and end address.

CP Plus DVR Card driver - DriverDouble

Their network load are general the same. Click it to remove specified item.

Card driver plus dvr cp

After you enabled trusted sites function. Max value is Here is a sheet for your time zone setup.

cp-plus cpa-l - DVR Cards and Software - PC Based Systems - vacances-06.info

NTP setup interface is shown as in Figure Port default value is It allows you to synchronize the time with the server manually. System supports add MAC address.

Input your PC address. Please refer to the following sheet for detailed information. Figure Here you can set a multiple cast group. After you logged in the Web. In other words. Please note multiple cast function applies to special series only.

In network DDNS. After rebooting. Click save button. Them please input your domain name you want. You can enable real-time monitor function to view the view. Except the above mentioned addresses of special meaning.

DVR will connect to internet automatically. For example: Multiple cast IP: You can access this IP to visit the unit. All the DDNS can be valid at the same time. It realizes the bonding of the domain name and the IP address. You need to refresh the bonding relationship of the domain and the IP regularly.

Default domain name and customized domain name. You can also use customized valid domain name has not registered. Besides the general DDNS. There is no user name. After successful registration. The interval between two registrations shall be more than 60 seconds. When you are setting the router external port. Click it to add the mapping relationship. It is optional. Too many registration requests may result in server attack. You can get a notification email before the cancel operation if your email address setup is OK.

When the UPNP is offline. Click it to remove one mapping item. Double click one item. Except default domain name registration.. You can input your commonly used email address. System support English character and Arabic number. Please input receiver email address here. System max supports 3 email boxes. Please input the user name to login the sender email box. Please input email subject here.

Please input sender email box here. Please input corresponding port value here. System supports SSL encryption box. Max digit. Please input the corresponding password here.

System automatically filters same addresses if you input one receiver repeatedly. Please note system will not send out the email immediately when the alarm occurs. This function is very useful when there are too many emails activated by the abnormity events. Health email enable: Please check the box here to enable this function.

The send interval ranges from 0 to seconds. Click the Test button. Please note you need to grant write right to FTP upload user. Please check the above box to enable this function and then set the corresponding interval. Now you can set user password and FTP folder.

This function allows the system to send out the test email to check the connection is OK or not. System can send out the email regularly as you set here. When the alarm. You can create multiple folders under this FTP. In Figure , select FTP and then double click mouse. You can see the following interface.

Here you can input FTP server address, port and remote directory.

When remote directory is null, system automatically create folders according to the IP, time and channel. User name and password is the account information for you to login the FTP.

Now you can set upload file length, picture upload interval, upload file channel, time and type. When setup is larger than the actual file length, system will upload the whole file. When setup here is smaller than the actual file length, system only uploads the set length and auto ignore the left section. When interval value is 0, system uploads all corresponding files.

It provides the basic network management frame of the network management system. The SNMP widely used in many environments. It is used in many network device, software and system. You can set in the following interface. You still need two MIB file: You can get the device corresponding configuration information after successfully connection.

Please follow the steps listed below to configure. You can use default setup for the rest items. Please set the corresponding version for your future reference.

Card cp plus driver dvr

Here you can see the device has how many video channels, audio channels, application version and etc. Reference source not found.. Default gateway: It is to display current default gateway. The value ranges from 0 to 3.

It is to display network name. Please make sure the auto connection port here is the same as the port you set in the previous step. When you see the network status is Y. You can change the priority of the rest three items. Here the proxy has a switch function. Please set proxy server address. Important Do not input network default port such as TCP port number. You can view the proxy server when the device is online. Please enable the auto register function. PPPoE always has the highest priority.

Please follow the steps listed below to use this function. Please open the software and input the global setup. Figure 2 The proxy server software developed from the SDK. Important The server IP address can also be domain. Please do not input default port number such as the TCP port in the mapping port number.

But you need to register a domain name before you run proxy device server. In the network service. Click Add button to complete the setup. There are three choices: After completed all the setups please click save button. You need to open web or client end to refresh channel name. You can select to channel name or not when system is playback. Select baud rate. System max support digit The value may vary due to different series. Select stop bit.

You can select to display time or not when system is playback. Please select channel first. Please note the system needs to reboot to activate current setup. For detailed setup. Please note all your modification here only applies to DVR local end. The value ranges from to Select data bit.

There are four options: Here is for you to modify channel name. Here is for you to adjust transparency. Click it to move current selected channel down.

Click View 1. The value ranges from seconds. Figure On the navigation bar. Input proper interval value here. It is for you to set and save favorites preview setup. Click it yo get channel setup information of current preview interface. It is for you to view channel names under current window split mode. Here you can activate tour function. Click Setup button. Please note for one mode. Under specified window split mode.

Highlight box here to enable this function. Click it to save current setup to Favorites folder.

Drivers >>> CP Plus DVR Card driver

You can select window split mode from the dropdown list. Click it to activate current setup. Click it to move current selected channel up.

You can select different wiindow display modes and then select corresponding channel s. Click it to remove selected channel group. Now system max supports 32 channels. You can see current setup effect on the screen right now. System default setup is H.

Dvr driver card plus cp

Click the Save button to save current setup. Here you can enable and set zero-channel encoding function so that you can view several video sources at one channel. You can set according to device capability. Check the box here to enable this function so that you can control the zero-channel encoding function at the WEB. Select a mode. If this function is disabled. The bit rate value may vary due to different device capabilities and frame rate setups.

The resolution value may vary due to different device capabilities. Figure Please highlight icon to select the corresponding function. The frame rate value may vary due to different device capabilities. This function is disabled by default.

System max support digital character. You need to refresh web or client-end to get the latest channel name. Please note all your modification here applies to local end only. IP address. You can highlight factory setup. System menu color. TV adjust and video matrix. There are total ten function keys: HDD management. Please refer to chapter 5. When HDD error occurred. When HDD is working properly. This interface is just like the abnormity setup.

You can see current HDD type. Click alarm set button. Please note system needs to reboot to get all the modification activated. The HDD group No. When you are setting the HDD Group. If there is a mark in the front of the number.

Here you can view the HDD amount the device can support. For the HDD group setup operation. It lists the HDD Group number of current hard disk. IP conflict. Please highlight icon to select the corresponding alarm output. Please select alarm activation output port multiple choices. The value ranges from 10ss. After all the setups please click OK button.

There are several options for you such as disk error. MAC conflict and etc. Here you can set corresponding delaying time. System automatically delays specified seconds in turning off alarm and activated output after external alarm cancelled. The string includes the valid character.