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Board index Hardware Support Fortius - i-magic - Cosmos having tried to load V , as I had a disk and hoped USB drivers would be on it. How to download and install Tacx Fortius driver (driver id ). by Tacx. The hardware id of this driver is USB/VID_&PID_ I am using TTS on Windows 10 (x64) with a Fortius (blue USB interface Tacx use a different driver (Jungo) and you can only install one or the other.

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After updating to Windows 10 the Tacx Trainer software will not start. Solution. The problem is related to the windrivers. Make sure you unplug all USB Tacx. Now discontinued and unsupported by Tacx, the Tacx Fortius Software was To use the Fortius Software in Windows 7, Windows 8 or even USB Controller. Yesterday I set-up a Tacx Fortius VR turbo trainer for the first time in about 4 Installed the disc etc but when the USB cable from the handlebar control unit was .

All that would be required is to translate the TACX data to look like some other supported trainer. Bytes 19, 20 little endian are the steering and vary from 0x02— to 0x from one extreme to the other. Any suggestions? Advertising seems to be blocked by your browser. Once the program was re installed, we still had to download a USB driver off the website. I look forward to that Byte 10 is the cyclist weight in kilos, from 0x32 50kg to 0x4b 75kg , 0x64 kg and 78 kg.

Byte 7 is the echo of the pedal sensor. While it normally is 00, each time the pedal sensor is active byte 43 in input is read as 01 the software outputs this byte as Presumably this tells the Fortius controller that the software is running properly and seeing its pedal sensor signal. Byte 9 is 0 at initialization time and set to 2 when the training starts and the software is ready to change the force.

Byte 10 is the cyclist weight in kilos, from 0x32 50kg to 0x4b 75kg , 0x64 kg and 78 kg. The input data is always 24 or 48 bytes. The first 13 bytes are almost always identical, with byte 11 being exceptionally 40 instead of It looks like the heart sensor may report its information in bytes 12, 13 and 14? I do not have the heart sensor.

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Bytes 19, 20 little endian are the steering and vary from 0x02— to 0x from one extreme to the other. Bytes 29, 30 and possibly 31, 32 is the distance little endian , possibly the number of turns of the brake wheel. Bytes 33, 34 is the speed little endian , 0x Byte 35, varies around 2c. Byte 36, jumps mostly between 02 and 0e. Bytes 37 and 38 vary with the speed but go to 0 more quickly than the speed or power. The force multiplied by the speed gives the power.

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When the system is idle, bytes 17, 19, 35 and 48 vary. Byte 19 is probably noise in the low order byte of the steering. I also think it would be a good idea to use the usb tacx the swift.

I have proposed this: Tacx determines a fee they want to open up their older devices, they have something - we want it, simple business. Tacx has a mailing list, send out the proposition.

I think as a EU Company this would be a responsible alternative to many perfectly good trainers, plus the associated hardware and electronics being tossed aside simply because Tacx wants to preserve ongoing sales. AS a workaround, I do this. Please see my new post on getting older Tacx trainers to work by piggy backing TTS software. I have not tried it as I have a Genius Smart, but I know lots of people with the older trainers who could use them manually adjusting grade, but it would be better if the two systems could be run to get an accurate speed and distance on Zwift matching the TTS software.

The problem would be sorted. John Taylor: Peter, interesting idea. But they are not that dumb, they can report wattage. I can understand why Tacx wont let the older models be Interactive - so here is the compromise - Just let the watts and maybe speed be reported - How about that Tacx - Thats not asking too much is it??

Glad to hear that. Or tell me if I can support it somehow.

Tacx i-magic: Fortius – drivers needed – where from?

Thank you. Peter I noted in another thread - Hey Tacx just let the old stuff report watts!! And it worked well. It would be perfect for a secondary. If they understood the great benefit and credit this would give to existing customer much better to keep existing vs.

I think it is sad to see old trainers laying around a potentially just being thrown away. Ok — Will someone tell me what a raspi is. Fitness was a possible gain, patience was the probable gain - And not to mention - The hardware would just break - - I have gone on and on in the Tacx Forum in a way that some thought was entertaining Bowfluv there taking stabs at Tacx - Hey!

Thank you Dave. Just let me know if I can help somehow. Testing, whatever. I have also a Fortius trainer. You find me paha77 on Twitter, FB, Gmail, everywhere. Well, this is my new project. I am glad the USB protocol has been reverse engineered.

Fortius usb driver tacx

All that would be required is to translate the TACX data to look like some other supported trainer. Support for Tacx older smart trainers The Archives. GitHub is home to over 31 million developers working together to host and review code, manage projects, and build software together.

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The Tacx Fortius drivers on Windows are subject to a fee from Tacx. The drivers themselves are stubs and do nothing. The standard libusb-win project provides an inf-wizard for creating such stub drivers. These drivers would then enable users to run GC with a Fortius on any version on Microsoft Windows without having to install the Tacx software although they will require access to the firmware file.

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