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USB Interface Plus. For use downloading with a USB Interface Plus and our TempTale® RF USB cable. Installation Instructions · USB Interface Plus Driver. Sensitech's software products provide the means to download, display, analyze, configure and report on the detailed data collected by Sensitech® TempTale®4. Sensitech's Mission is to Ensure that Integrity. TempTale®4 USB. Monitor. Instructions For Use. The Tools That Turn Information Into Power. For more information.

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TempTale Ultra Shipper/Receiver Instructions — International Edition · TempTale TempTale 4 Shipper/Receiver Instructions — English/Spanish · TempTale TempTale Multi-Alarm USB Monitor Shipper/Receiver Instructions; TempTale. Download the latest drivers for your Sensitech Port Devices to keep your Computer Sensitech, Sensitech USB Interface Plus Reader (COM4) · Download. Download the latest drivers for your Sensitech USB Interface Plus Reader (COM4 ) to keep your Computer up-to-date.

Contact Us. Grant Trebbin July 26, at 4: I also have one of these, and should be able to get many more. Adobe Application Manager Device Assistants. There is this ftp server that has the TTMD sw - ftp:

View the Industrial datasheet. View the datasheet. The detachable probe is 1. With 32, readings 16, each for temperature and humidity , this compact device automatically generates a secure PDF and encrypted raw data file without the need for additional software.

View the Food and Life Sciences datasheet. The need for more precise and accurate temperature monitoring has never been more critical.

4 driver temptale usb

To further support precise temperature monitoring in the biologics market, the monitor supports up to six programmable alarms, including MKT and Trip Duration. Temperature-sensitive pharmaceuticals and biologics have no margin for error. Shipping via ocean containers only adds complexity to an already volatile supply chain, particularly at port changeovers. The TempTale Ultra 64K monitor is an ideal solution for lengthy ocean shipments requiring frequent temperature sampling intervals.

The expanded memory capacity will support two-minute temperature sampling for up to 88 days. Designed for the food industry, this monitor offers a sleek design that makes end-of-trip downloading and reporting easier than ever—regardless of available technology at the receiving end.

There is this ftp server that has the TTMD sw - ftp: Thanks for the info. I no longer have one of these units, but I'll keep this in case I find one again.

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At that price how could I not buy one to see how they worked. If you're not familiar with the this kind of data logger, they measure the ambient temperature at regular intervals and log the data to internal memory.

Software Applications

They're typically used to monitor the temperature of stock through a logistics chain, be it refrigerated or not. For example, if you run a grocery store and you notice that the quality of the fruit on sale isn't of an acceptable standard, you might get your supplier to put one of these in a delivery to monitor the temperature throughout the cold chain. By doing this you may be able to detect that the refrigeration in the truck isn't at the right temperature.

The nice thing about this logger is that it has a built in USB cable.

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When plugged into a computer the temperature logger appears as a mass storage device containing a pdf report and an encrypted file containing the logged data. The specs on the back of the logger are a bit lacking. It covers a temperature range of 0 to 30 degrees Celsius, and records data every 10 minutes for days.

If you do the math, that comes to 16 thousand samples, that's where the 16K in the device ID comes from. The SU indicates that this logger is single use, so it's not really any use to me. There is software to configure the device that may be able to reset it, but it's not free and not worth the effort. One thing that did surprise me is that there aren't any specifications for accuracy or resolution of the temperature measurements.

As the device was of no value to me I decided to pull it apart. At first I tried to do it carefully, but when it wouldn't come apart I assumed that it was ultrasonically welded to stop moisture ingress.

So I decide to destructively take it apart. After removing the sticker that covers the front, you can see the start and stop logging buttons that are an integrated part of the plastic case. Having said that, the device isn't designed to have a long life. After hacking away at it, I soon found out where the the screws were hidden.

There are little indentations on the back that I thought were part of the case, but it turns out that they are stick on covers that hide the screw head.

Grant Trebbin: Sensitech TempTale 4 USB Teardown

The first is an Atmel 32 bit micro controller that handles the USB communication, and presumably generates the PDF report when the logger is plugged into a computer. It's also likely that it coordinates taking temperature measurements and storing them in memory.

To meet the requirement of days of operation it's likely that the micro-controller makes extensive use of sleep modes.

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The purpose of the Winbond kiB flash memory isn't clear to me. Maybe it extends the program memory of the micro-controller, maybe it holds a template of the PDF report file, could be something else, I'm unsure.

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